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Oh, so you are supposed to do an here, nobody will read this but okay lol :artsits:

Hi, my name is Akira, I’m a Non binary Japanese 3D Creature and Character Artist, studying Game Design at uni and looking for a junior Character Artist role in Toronto :artpeek:🇨🇦

I’m currently working on my portfolio, so there’s not much yet, but I’ll be sharing the wips daily, also I so some traditional drawings sometimes for fun :heart_sp_nb: :heart_sp_les3: :heart_sp_ace:

I did a lot of translation work today while a bunch of people were at home (reforming stuff, changing the internet provider etc), I should have charged more 😪

Sleep time ( ु⁎ᴗᵨᴗ⁎)ु.zZ

I’m still flabbergasted by that offer of 20 dollars per project lmao

Sometimes I feel like techbros do this on purpose to insult artists.

I took my sleeping medication so late, I’m gonna sleep the entire day tomorrow ;-;

I just discovered that not everyone can control the tensor tympani muscle and voluntarily ear rumble 😮


Artists should have a third hand only for art :c

Idk why but everything made in Cinema4D looks like nft to me, (actually I know why)

Today my aunt will cook tablet kare, the very strong ones I could only find in Japan, I miss it SO MUCH!🤤🍛
Childhood memories ❤️

I wish I could go back with her, I miss my real home :c

Uh, it was weird, the postal service said they “lost my package but found it” and will deliver today 🤔

Weird how yesterday it was said it was already delivered on the website, but okay, at least it will come〜

Aaaand once gain the post office said they delivered my package, but they didn’t 😀

So excited I’ll have to wake up early to call them and hear excuses, again 🫠

After I came back from the doctor I took a nap, a long non planned nap 🤧

I’ve heard multiple people saying how “recover from social interactions is not a thing”, and I wish it was true, but it is very much a thing, I had to go to the doctor yesterday and today, and even tho it was “positive things”, I felt so drained after having to deal with non familiar people that I went straight to bed and slept for almost 4 hours 😪

While googling about how to do lighting and shadows in a 2D game, I stumbled upon this great blog post from the devs of "Graveyard Keeper", I highly recommend the reading:

#gamedev #lighting #shading

I’m happy to say that my heart is good! \0/
My average beats per minute is 92, which is a little faster than most people, but doctor said it’s normal for me, and that my heart is really strong 💕
Also, look at my beats, it’s satisfying how consistent they are ❤️

I’m glad I’m finally home now 😌

The guy watching videos on his phone just said he got covid 2 times and right now he has 3 people at his home positive with covid


Aah… The doctor is taking so long, it’s been 1 hour since I arrived ;-;

I can’t wait to go back home and spend some time alone hugging my pet snake to recover from people lol 🫠

I know I’m not in Japan anymore so I shouldn’t be judging, but I still find kinda disrespectful when people watch videos on their phones with high volume in a public/semi public space (doctors waiting room), or maybe I’m just boring idk〜

Now these 2 old white women are talking about how they don’t like the far right, BUT they will vote for them again because “I don’t like the other one”

While sitting next to a non binary lesbian Asian immigrant, thanksszzZZ 🙂

Life must be so easy for them.

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