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one of my OCs, ein! she's a bunny half-human who was basically born to be a sidekick, but struggles with trying to forge her own fate!

i felt so angry and frustrated i decided to draw somebody else angry and guess what, i'm feeling all better now!

not sure if i should mark this as sensitive or not but better safe than sorry

I'm just getting back into drawing after 3 years!! During that time i made maybe 2 or 3 pieces but generally, I was too busy with school to pursue my interests D:

Here is a lil fanart of Kaminari, one of my latest drawings! I'm a huuuge fan of BNHA c:

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HEY GUYS!! what are y'all embarrassing ocs from when u were a kid ???

here's mine from when i was 9 yrs old his name is cc (cotton candy) who started off as an obnoxious neon blue cat w zero brain cells (still tru). also he's super op n immortal for some reason?????

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My phone's quality is pretty bad lol
long time i didn't touch my copics- so i tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hello!!! My name is Alex, I'm a hobbyist digital artist! My art is extremely inconsistent because I can't decide what I want to achieve ;;;
Apart from art, I love Maths, Chemistry, cats (every single one of them), cute and sparkly things, and Japanese language c:


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