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Hello fellow artists!

This is my first toot ever on Mastodon! 👾
I'll start with an old personal asset of mine - a tin toy from times long gone.

My contribution to one of the 3D Coat Community Challenges.

You can view the asset's static version on Sketchfab:

The animated version can also be found there (rigged and animated in Houdini):

Hope you like it. Constructive critic is most welcome. 🤓

PS. The attached image was rendered in Houdini/Mantra.

@ajz3d That's pretty well done. I'm not sure I got what is that sketchfab website is all about. Is it only to showcase your 3d model in a nice way, or then one can download them and use them in Blender for example?

@champi Thanks. Yes, the site allows for showcasing 3D scenes in real-time.

Generally this type of software is a much more convenient solution for displaying models than the old-school way of rendering turntables/animations to image sequences. Not for all assets of course because WebGL, and real-time engines in general, are still somewhat limited in their capabilities.

@ajz3d Ok thanks. I noticed that some of them are downloadable. But I was not feeling like creating an account just to check which kinda file are available for download. I was wondering if it was like blendswap. It's quite a nice way to present model and there's a wordpress plugin. Well thank you never heard of that website before.
Nicely done 🙂 I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your work.

@champi On Sketchfab, it's the artist that decides whether he wants to make his scene downloadable or not. It's similar to Vimeo in this matter. But the majority of people (yours truly included) treats this platform as a showcase gallery, not a model exchange. There are much better solutions for asset sharing and selling out there.

I'm not familiar with Blend Swap because unfortunately I don't use Blender. But I see that they already included a Sketchfab plugin on their site:

@ajz3d I see. It sure is a nice way to display models. What's your solution to share and sell assets? It's been such a long time I haven't done any work in 3D. But I'd really liked to do some rendering again this winter.

@ajz3d Sorry my spelling is not so great in English. I wish I could edit the toot. I hope it does not hurt your eyes too much.

@champi Don't worry, I'm not a native English speaker either. :)

BTW, I noticed that when I send replies to your posts, they immediately land on Home column. Is this normal for "Unlisted" replies? Does this mean that all people from federated timeline can see my replies? Or do those replies show up there just on my end?

I'm still very new in Mastodon.

@ajz3d Thanks for all your informations. And to answer your question I simply Don't know. I would assume anyone can see them but I'm not sure at all. I'm rather new on Mastodon as well.

@champi I don't know. I never designed my assets with selling them in mind. But if I were to, I think I'd try putting them on Unity's Asset Store, or its Unreal Engine counterpart first. Assuming the assets would be designed for RT engines of course.

Non-RT and VFX assets would land on Orbolt, as it's the primary Houdini asset exchange platform. And Houdini is my DCC platform.

Gumroad might act as the last resort. I heard some good things about it, but never used it. However, I know some people who place not only tutorials there, but also assets, so I guess it's a viable option too. Dunno.

@ajz3d would not have known that was a rendering if you hadn't told me.

I love it.

Thanks. That's very kind of you Andrew.

Photo-realism was my intention, so I'm glad that the render felt real enough to convince you. :)

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