Hey it's your art buddy asking for help!
Me and my gf lost almost all our savings due health issues (you can ask if she's ok with it, she will tell what it was)
If you can afford it, please consider commissioning me! I'm pretty good at drawing girls, cute and semi realistic stuff, and pixels.
If it's too pricey for you, boosts are great too!

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@ais05 @leip4Ier Did you ever draw a Creature from the Storys of H.P Lovecraft? /

@ais05 hm, sounds good. I DM you tomorrow. One Question: How can i pay you? Paypal? Bitcoin? Or? Which one would you accept.

@ais05 sounds great. So, i dm you Tomorrow with my "Order". Is this ok for you? And: I hope you and your gf get well so fast as possible. (my english is crap, sorry ;-))

@ais05 Hey, I haven't forgotten you. Only I'm very busy at the moment, so I haven't managed to write you yet. But my interest still exists. I was also on your Insta page yesterday. And some of the pictures I like very much. If your offer is still valid and you can wait a bit, I would have written to you by Monday at the latest.

@ais05 Hello, just wanted to give a heads up that I will most likely be commissioning you soon! I just need to think of what to ask for. :)

(Also I found you through your Love Nikki art, thanks for making LN content!)

@Redleaveshavefallen thanks a lot! (i'm happy that my addiction can do something good too T▽T)

@ais05 @leip4Ier the only reason i don't jump on this is because i haven't gotten through the stuff to get paypal under a name i like

@ais05 @leip4Ier best wishes to y'all! if you need someone to talk to abt anything, feel free to hmu. Can't offer money but i have 2 ears and only *really* need like one of em

@ais05 helllo, even if I don't know you, I wan to help you out. That's how we do in Transilvania. Being crushed by the 3 surrounding Empires, we developped mutual aid and resilience, with a touch of light from Heaven...
I would have a comm for you. you're ok with working for a vampire? kidding, kind of.

@Muresblue hey, thank you so much for your interest! I'm definitely cool with vampires (they are like true goth) 💙

@ais05 wait, is that (in the pic) a showcase of the digital art or the pixel art

@zoe pixel art! digital is more realistic, like in my latest post about art style

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