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:bob_ross: hi, i'm Ais05 - selftaught artist, always hungry, love to lewd my gf👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
my style is constant learning and experimenting✍️ 👓
🖋️ ✏️ 🖌️ 📱 🖥️

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why still no workout video on youtube?
i want to do baby squats with cute villagers

But also they added afro and people are making Bob Rosses and I love it


Nintendo - locks events so no time travel and spoilers.
Players with money - go to hackers and got everything and posted online.
Players without money - cries in broke.

I finally finished commissions from FA! Lost so much time time due to back injury, had to draw super fast and hard. But I like how it turned out in the end :3

I stretched my back and couldn't do anything except lying in bed for weeks.
It was horrible

titties almost out 

as you can see i got bored with inktober.
i wanna draw tits now

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