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That's it, my art career has reached its highest point. I'll never make anything as good as quirky cat.
May as well quit.

Happy holidays! May the next year be sweet and kind for you

Finally finished presents for my family!
Tried something new this year and of course everything turned out wonky and messy (~_~;) but it is thoughts that counts, right?
Only the packaging left, hope I won't mess this too

Pokémon Journey anime added more to the game for me) and it also very 1-season-like, nostalgia all over the place *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

I thought wild area was big, but today I got the water bike and now it's so much bigger!
And now the Dark gym is ahead of me 🦨

I'm worried about not doing any celebratory art, but it's 4 am at my place and I really need to sleep. So, sorry for no art

Bought some groceries for mom, and now my everything hurts. But mostly my back.
Why do I have to carry such heavy stuff? (><) I wish glass jars didn't exist

There are two types of pokemon players:
1. breed best iv, train ev, get diverse move sets, win everything, get all shiny
2. that pokemon is cute and I'm gonna beat the whole game with it

By far Opal is the most interesting gym leader 🎀
And that moment with Bede was hilarious!

There is only one downside - I love making curries for my sweet 'mons, but it makes me hungry every time

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Pokemon are so much fun! 👻
I grew on my ghost team so much, they all my precious scary babies <3 I love how they smile to me when we are camping)

Somehow I never was frustrated by how my art looks on other monitors. It's not like I don't see the difference, my color vision is pretty good. But I think my art has something in it that won't change in different palette. Maybe it's meaning?

Now that part became clear, but what about the champion? And why do all these tests happen in huge stadiums with fanfares and tons of people? I think it's because it feels great to be praised for your hard work) if I had such experience (or even just a cute badge) after a math test I would be over the moon!

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Look, you are starting from one type, learning about it, passing a pretty easy test and getting a shiny badge for it) next test is about a new type, and it's a little harder, but still, if you put some time in studying (training) you will surely pass. And the best part - if you fail, it's no big deal, just train some more and try again)

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Some time ago I thought about gyms in pokemon. Aren't they weird? A number of big stadiums, filled with only one type of pokemon each. You have to go through them in a set order, from easy to hard, but actually all of them are pretty easy. Seriously, a ten year old with dedication can beat it.
I thought about gym battles as real life sports, and from this point of view it doesn't make sense. But what if it's not an Olympic, but a school?

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