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Hey it's your art buddy asking for help!
Me and my gf lost almost all our savings due health issues (you can ask @leip4Ier if she's ok with it, she will tell what it was)
If you can afford it, please consider commissioning me! I'm pretty good at drawing girls, cute and semi realistic stuff, and pixels.
If it's too pricey for you, boosts are great too!

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do you remember Planchetta? she's my tablet's :mona_kiss:
recently i noticed that sometimes my pen does not glide on the surface as smooth as it should. turned out, i scratched a hole in my tablet's protection layer 😱
fixed it today with a new, colorful apron 💃 (i made it out of plastic bag)
also added a flower from washi tape🏵️

@SilcyBell people usually start here with # introduction, you can post links, or write a short bio, or whatever you want)

have been sleeping all day, then watched a movie with gf. suddenly a good one, although we expected a dumb story without anything new. but the story was good, the main character was a cool black guy and the second main character was a cool black woman, also she invented a new bioweapon! and they didn't even kiss at the end!! totally unexpected from a 1998 movie (it's called "blade").

i have a loving girlfriend i'm so happy with. but the society for some weird nonsensical reason expects me to socialize with other people irl. i understand that it isn't what i need, what i want myself, but it's so hard to just stop thinking in a way society wants you to think. fuck stereotypes. people spending all their time at home can be happy too.


ME, 10: I want a big mansion

ME, 20: I want a cool apartment

ME, 30: I want a small hut that stands on chicken legs & has been hidden away deep in the forest


haven't done a self portrait in a while.
my gf cut my hair and i love how it looks, but it bugs me while i'm working, so i keep it braided

art of a woman, provocative pose 

recently i was commissioned by one girl, a writer. she wanted a pixel room from her unfinished book. i read it and loved it so much!

here is the illustration of a moment from chapter 4, it wasn't commissioned, i just liked it)

the book itself is here -
(but it will be hard to read for most people here, since it's russian)

my gf asks me if her toots sound ok so often:p that made me think, what does she look like for people online?
i think something like this~

terrible pun 

grand witch from different angles
for the room with a cat and candles

4 dreams hell event gives me creeps, but i like it.
when i was reading the story i felt that animation would add much more depth to the moment.
so i made it.

my eye is feeling better! you can take this eye to make your eyes feel better too!

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