It so hard, when someone who was your world two months ago, doesn't even have a nice word for you.
Not a single question about my life, not a bit about hers.

But, even though I'm not happy right now, and constantly exhausted, I would not go back to past relationship. It really wasn't healthy for both of us

Looks like I still missing my past.
I'm not as happy as I used to be with her

I don't understand why now. The story was the same a month ago and I acted the same way as usual. What was so dramaticaly different, that made a pretty chill person so upset?

I probably should ask them instead of yelling in the internet

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They said that I would be disappointed if we keep working together, that it's not my taste.
Please let me tell you myself what is to my taste! Don't accuse me of something you assumed, without asking me!
I'm just so angry!

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I never said I don't like the story! I'm simply being observant! It really is a little sad! Why acting like I insulted every character and their relatives?
Why kicking me out of story-making?

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I can't understand what set them off like that. One moment I ask them questions about lore and making a remark on the plot being a little sad, next second they tell me to stop working on the story because it's not to my liking. What?!

Having a co-author for a story is a huge pain in the butt.
Had to spend hours convincing them that I like their part.
So exhausted now
_(:/ 」∠)_

Looks like I used all my productivity last month. Now I can't make myself do stuff, and if I can, I do a lot less than before

Mood still swings from high to low. It was a little better in past few days, but now I messed up again

I'm on the verge of tears all the time, what is wrong with me?

It's so strange. In the last two months I laughed and cried a lot, emotions all around.
And before that I had months of silence, lack of any feeling. It was a calm time, and I liked it.

I'm not sure I like the changes.

It always ended up like that, in every group I've ever been. With me being on the side, unnoticed, not belonging

I'm in the voice chat and at first it's okay, but then it's getting too hard to keep up.
I want to say something, but I need so much time to get courage that the conversation already shifted, and I end up not saying it. Or anything.
Watching everyone slowly forgetting about my existence.
Why even try, I'll never get better at this

Got hit with art exhaustion at the worst time. I really have to finish one big piece in the next two days, but all I do just coming out wrong

Forest walk today!
Very humid and cold and muddy, almost no leaves on trees, but some flowers popped out of the ground 🌱

So cold, had to sleep under three blankets

I overworked my arm with art, first time in years. Clean lines are not for me after all)

When someone noticed change of your mood, when they looked for ways to spend time together, when talking with you is important to them

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