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:bob_ross: hi, i'm Ais05 - selftaught artist, always hungry, love to lewd my gf👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
my style is constant learning and experimenting✍️ 👓
🖋️ ✏️ 🖌️ 📱 🖥️

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why am i drawing like a bunch of different people?
can you believe it was made by one person?
i sometimes think that i have multiple personality disorder

So today we played with Nighty a lot, running and chasing, jumping with fishing rod, scratching walls to make her interested. After that all three of us was exhausted. I think my gf and I were tired a lot more than our cat.
But hey, it's night and the cat is asleep! I guess its a win?

I woke up at first, but later gave up and passed out, but my gf didn't sleep at all. She had to spend most of the day in bed to make up for it.
When I told my mom about it, she advised to disturb the cat during the day, so she won't have energy to run around at night.

Our crazy cat is finally asleep.
Past few nights were a mess, she was running around, playing with all of her toys, scratching all the forbidden places and jumping on the table that she knows perfectly is no-no!

Now I feel so happy, surrounded by so many foods I can eat 😄 but in moderate amount of course, I don't want my worries to become real

I've got my blood test results a few minutes ago - it's great! I'm not diabetic and my sugar is normal! 🌈✨⭐️
I'm sorry to people who worried about me, please take my apologies 😓 I didn't pretend, I'm just a big overthinker😢

Drew it with dusty old markers, added a few touches in digital

Her mood is the complete opposite of mine right now.

whining about health 

whining about health 

whining about health 

i know she isn't a baby, let alone a human baby, she doesn't need my constant attention. but i'm still worried, can't not be!

she just meowed a little and i was like aaaaa what happened i need to help her and she just wanted me to pat her a little...

yay we have cat! but i'm too tired to post about everything that happened. she's black and v beautiful, cuddly and wants a lot of attention, likes it when we're near her, preferably both of us ^^"

- do art
- take breaks when needed
- make my gf happy

Happy New Year! I hope everything that will happen will be nice, have a bow on it, and filled with your favorite snacks ⭐️

can't wait to open the gifts my gf prepared for me ✨

- improved my design skills
- learned soft skills
- learned to ride pennyboard
- learned a lot about politics, medicine, law
- bought ikea shark

- made art with ink, colored pencils, oil, markers, digital software, in realistic manner, semi-realistic, pixels, animation xylography, fantasy, comix, etude
- improved my art skills drastically
- won two big art contests

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