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Had to draw something to destress
Here is my grandmother's dog. It's fat, stinks, bark too much, coward, and I hate it.
(Sorry dog lovers, I'm not in your team)

Sorry for not posting anything and then this. It's been a busy week and I weren't able to draw any decent art, and I didn't want to bring it here, but it's just too much

My parents asked me to take care of my grandmother, and it's overwhelmingly gross. I can't take it anymore. It's so disgusting I can't stop shaking

ok, seeing that great artist gave me a wave of selfpity, but also a buttkick to make my art the best i can

mfw i see an art so good, that it makes me understand, that i'll never be as good, or popular, or successive, and makes me feel the worst

in the game there is a part called "arena" where you have to put on all of your high scoring items, no matter how silly it looks, to win a match. most of the time its just ridiculous, but sometimes it looks quite interesting.
the theme for the match was "fire in the winter". i thought, that particular mash of items looks surprisingly fitting)

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there's a similar (replying to a followers-only toot) problem with clothing. i'd like to wear things of different styles — casual, harajuku girl style, cyberpunk, goth... but to wear clothes of one style, i need to buy the whole wardrobe of things that fit! so, given how much money i have, i have to choose only a single style and buy all things fitting it, bc i just can't afford more 😭 and casual is the most obvious choice here...

me and @leip4Ier took a silly "which plant are you" test 🌿
here's what we got ~

I'm a lot happier if I'm drawing and it's weird how often I forget to do that.

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