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fail inktober
(or allow yourself to skip a day or two)

betther than failing to take of yourself!

It's done now (digital art), and I have no time for ink anymore. Shall I skip sleep for 3rd day in a row, or fail inktober?

But my back isn't happy with that
😥 had to lie down for a bit, because of pain

> haven't draw digital for eternity
> sudden digital request for a group of artists I'm in
> drawing digital
> feels SO GOOD

nini fedi
(music instrument using 2000 marbles, making calm and nice music)

I gotta!! Iron out a schedule!! Or I'll never get any art done.

Did I ever show you the rainbow birch trees I painted? And the blue sky through trees? And looking up? I didn't, right?
Here you have these three:

Happy Wednesday, folks.

Don't ever let anyone question your value as a person. Never debate your humanity and right to be treated as a person with dignity and respect.

You're here and you're trying to be a better person everyday. That's enough. More than enough.

Today I had to do a tremendous pile of requests from my relatives. Glad I took my pocket brush and sketchbook with me.
Drawing in a moving car is hard

One more reason to celebrate is my first ever patron! I'm a real payed artist now 👩🏻‍🎨

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