One of the gifts was Skyrim ⚔️
I had some difficulties at first with controllers and items weight, but couple of mods fixed it) I didn't touch anything else so it's still challenging, but now I can carry as much flowers and useless junk as I want :3
Overall - I'm enjoying freedom, beautiful scenery and interesting npc

My birthday went well, amazing really.
I'm genuinely surprised.
I don't remember last time I haven't cried on my bd.
This year I got very nice presents, ones that shows care and thoughts of people. Day was truly good

I'm kinda scared right now.
Every time I write here that things got better, they get worse. I know it's silly, but feels like I shouldn't tell anyone when I'm happy.
Buy I want to share good times same as bad.

KFC is so true to themselves. "Your order will be ready at 17:40 and will wait for you till 17:50" yeah, right. It was me who was there at time and had to wait for them

Aaa I hate sudden social situations!
Why if security man wanted me to put on mask he had to start with comment on my age and insult me? I didn't even understood what he wanted from me at first.
I always wear mask outside, I was going to put it on, half people around weren't wearing it. But I guess I looked like someone fit for insult

Few more days till my birthday and things just getting worse and worse.
I don't think it will ever be a happy day for me

The irony -
Ex partner from 10 years ago remembering about my bd and giving present, even though he didn't remember it while we were dating.
Current partner - no memory of bd and I'm pretty sure is going to break up with me on that day

be careful with stairs!
unless you are bat.
no, be careful even if you are bat! because someone cares about you

reference for Tam ~
her main job is librarian, but she also works part time in tiny dress shop

I will post art here again, just a bit later. Too tired right now

It's probably bad that I'm not showing this part of me to my partner, but I'm pretty sure it will only make things worse

Sorry for using this account for vent, it's just because I don't know people here, and it feels nice to cry to strangers for some sick reason.
I can't complain like this to someone I know.

One thing that improved for certain - my work. I do a lot more, a lot faster, hopefully better. I got 10 times more customers and more patrons.

The one I'm with now is most supportive person I ever met. They keep saying it's nothing, but for me it's like winning a lottery every week and getting a medal every month

Right now things seem to be good.
Relationships are are hard, and especially current one. Constant emotional roller-coaster, from lots of laugh and happiness to sinking sorrow and pain. I wish it would be a bit calmer on both sides

I don't want to be upset so often. I'm tired of crying

I'm so tired of constantly messing up in every part of my life exept drawing.
Looks like I used all my experience points on art and underleveled in everything else

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