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:bob_ross: hi, i'm Ais05 - selftaught artist, always hungry, love to lewd my gf👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
my style is constant learning and experimenting✍️ 👓
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why am i drawing like a bunch of different people?
can you believe it was made by one person?
i sometimes think that i have multiple personality disorder

1. Book club ~
Stitches keeps licking journals, Antonio is into comix, Lobo and Norma are digging japanese and western literature, and I'm studying local bugs 🦋

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"Hello! Some lovely humans and I have created an Animal Crossing art week challenge commencing on the 22nd June! All are welcome to join!"

i was bored, so i made a small demo at creepy-daisy-tricolor-magazine (glitch even autogenerated a name ending in "magazine"!). usage: open that link, switch to a different tab, wait a couple seconds, return. on smartphones, it maybe works better if you go to the home screen and then back to the browser.

it probably wasn't worth the effort, but it's already too late

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this way of drawing turned out to be really good for me. i just put random colors on canvas and let my mind wander. it feels so effortless yet so vibrant
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a domestic cat appeared! you can't go to work now, have to pat!

@ais05 I feel like, with all my creative work, the amount of attention it gets is inversely proportional to how much effort I put in haha

i can't understand, why some of my sketchy art that i don't really like and like "meh" about gets tons of love, and other artworks, that i like and rendered well, gets almost zero attention

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