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:bob_ross: hi, i'm Ais05 - selftaught artist, always hungry, love to lewd my gf👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
my style is constant learning and experimenting✍️ 👓
🖋️ ✏️ 🖌️ 📱 🖥️

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my first game was Soul Silver. i tried playing it two years ago, but got lost on my way to the first town (-_-)
this time i used google and was able to get further! now i have a real team ~
(pokemon sprites are from the game itself, i only drew myself)

That fact just blows my mind.
He does not listen to any kind of criticism whatsoever, does not learn anything new, and genuenly thinks his art is great! I bugged my gf with "how's that possible?!" and such half of the night

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Yesterday I saw a LavenderTowne's video about an old how-to-draw-manga book. It was very funny and got me interested in Cris Hart (book author), because he's so bad at art that it's kinda weird.
After some digging I found out that he has been drawing so-called "manga" for at least 10 years and is still awful.

I've had this feeling for a long time, now I put it into art ~

Alive plants aren't for me. They demand too much care, give back too little, and too fragile to survive almost everything

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Why my cat is a fcking disaster? Why she has to ruin and wreck everything around her? I hate it

i wouldn't say it better, pal ♥
we may part ways, but you will always be my friend

A month ago I tried to move Stitches out for hours, but it didn't work. After that I didn't play AC for more than a month (not because of Stitches, just lost fun)
And today I did it again and it worked on the first try!

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