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I haven't touched mastodon for months because I didn't want to post sad things, but it's the only thing I want to write here.
So sorry everyone who follow me, I guess it's depression account now.
It's because masto is the only network where no one knows me. And I can't share my worst feelings with friends and loved ones

Yamina is adventurer, tomb raider and information merchant

nice update on ~
From now on I will post all art there first and outside later! Also will be taking commissions there :bob_ross:

I'll post some art so my account is not overfilled with complaining

I feel like all he likes about me is only art. It is big part of me, but I feel like he wants my other parts like emotions and needs and mistakes to not exist

I feel so awful. Had troubles with internet today and another upsetting conversation with bf. Lately he doesn't make me happy

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