"Grove on Roke" made with purple moor grass and glitter✨🌾
Song: Kelsey Lu, Visions of Old

@J here is an example of putting art history in context (which the ethics commission suggested) This was done in a public library in LA where indigenous artists from Oaxaca were invited and commissioned to respond to the mural in the library

Meanwhile the mural at Tate was part of its expensive restaurant


@J Would you go to a restaurant (place of commerce) showing an enslaved Black child in a noose while the mother is scared, sat at a tree?

To understand "context" of this cannibalistic party I would need to buy the interpretive text from the tate shop. Who is profiting from this?

Racism, Tate Britian 

via white pube:

"Tate have been aware of the racist problematics regarding the Rex Whistler mural since 2013.

Their Ethics Committee reported on best course of action to address the problematics in November 2018 (5 whole years later).

They concluded that addressing the issue by changing the interpretation of the artwork (interpretation is the lil note on the side that contextualises it) was the best course of action :

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Racism, Tate Britian 

UPDATE: I wrote to them to take down the mural and their response was:

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@smbsy let me find you a non Amazon link. The other one is available online (linked on this thread)

Most people don't like wasps.

Today I had two wonderful wasp encounters.

First I was doing some work near a reed bed and could hear a scratching noise. After a bit of searching, I found a wasp scraping material from a dry reed. They chew it to make pulp to build their nests.

Later I found a wasp nest in work's wood shed. It was so big that part of it had fallen to the ground. You can see the individual strips of pulp that each wasp laid down to make it.

@smbsy I found out today that there was another audio drama with Judi Dench in the 90s!

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