Racism, Tate Britian 

via White Pube

Rex Whistler Restaurant in the basement of Tate Britain has a racist mural called ‘The Expedition in Pursuit of Rare Meats’ that depicts enslaved Black children

They keep investing in its restoration & the website includes a description of it as ‘the most amusing room in Europe’

You can email hello@tate.org.uk to complain, please do and if you are emailing please bear in mind the people opening the email are front facing staff who aren’t to blame

Racism, Tate Britian 

UPDATE: I wrote to them to take down the mural and their response was:


Racism, Tate Britian 

via white pube:

"Tate have been aware of the racist problematics regarding the Rex Whistler mural since 2013.

Their Ethics Committee reported on best course of action to address the problematics in November 2018 (5 whole years later).

They concluded that addressing the issue by changing the interpretation of the artwork (interpretation is the lil note on the side that contextualises it) was the best course of action :

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