I once got a crowd of hundreds to move as the cops were closing one side at a time. We escaped after a lot of me running around begging people to go and trying to get them to understand what is happening.

I was an immigrant in america and it was totally obvious to me we were all going to get arrested (why else would the coos encircle us? To give us high fives and cookies?), but americans seemed either completely clueless or just completely careless (something I still don't understand). They were all standing around talking to each other like its party time or something, meanwhile the police are encircling us.

Eventually the crowd started to move.

Later, some people yelled at me for keeping us from being encircled/kettled.

The crowd later got kettled and (I can't remember the exact number) 100s were arrested.

Revcom was leading the march.

I will remember that day until I die.

@aindri is there an argument here for a second group, 1 block behind the main march, so any cops trying to close the kettle are surrounded?

The strategic about-face definitely makes sense, have to think more about how to actually implement that while keeping everyone together.

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