Hi Masto दोस्तों! My first post-thread about My Summer of Printmaking -Journaling 😎 🌷

I grew my own food in a small community garden at N. Avery, Caltech Pasadena

I made a little Geli print travel kit that I carried with me to the garden patch. It contained:

1. One 5x7 " Geli Plate
2. Water based printmaking inks
3. A glass plate (I nicked off an old photo frame-optional)
4. A journal
5. Two mini rollers (one to spread the ink and the other to push the impression on the page)
6. Cloth and hydro flask

The idea of printmaking organic materials came from a project I did earlier for Storyweaver called Food Monster written by Meenu Thomas.

I made impressions of many things and collaged them together.

Link: storyweaver.org.in/stories/240

Carousel made with corn, garam masala, lemon, pepper seeds, drumstick, corriander, basil


I recently found out that there is a technique called Gyotaku which is a very interesting cross between printmaking and record keeping.

Gyotaku ( gyo “fish” + taku “rubbing”) is a traditional Japanese method of fish printing that originated in the mid-19th century as a way for fishermen to record the size and characteristics of their daily catches. THATS SOME LIQUID ART!!

Link: mymodernmet.com/heather-fortne

I was trying out mostly surface pattern comps and some character work.

I really enjoyed the spontaneity and problem solving required especially when trying to find characters within block shapes or textures from ordinary objects.

I will try posting the illustrations as standalone through the week.

Thanks for your time 🌷

@sidagarwal It's a lot of fun! We can record leaves on our river walk 🍃😎 # Collab

@aindri excellent way to get Hiroshi from the next village to stop running his mouth about how you never really caught that huge tuna last month

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