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Hi Masto दोस्तों! My first post-thread about My Summer of Printmaking -Journaling 😎 🌷

I grew my own food in a small community garden at N. Avery, Caltech Pasadena

The Indian bison (gaur) of the Nilgiri biosphere.
The shows the Blue mountains, the Shola grasslands, cloud cover, human settlements and roadways within the form of the animal.

Me and @soda made cause of me mostly sketching designs for one for about a year lol I finally made one though, it just took awhile. I'm not sure if this is the final design but I'm satisfied atm.

opalescent apples, painted by amanda almira newton, 1913

for an illustration about animals endemic to the western ghats.

Trying to integrate the Nilgiris landscape to the form of the gaur.

Don't look at the feet (hooves?) I fudged it 🙈

Hello again #PortfolioDay! I'm a freelance illustrator and proponent of loud colors in quiet stories. I'd love to work on book covers/interiors and poster illustrations this year!

One of the articles I was reading when making this: How forest honey (Lotus Honey) is collected in the Sundarbans via BARCIK blog

Here's the fishing cat (an endangered mouser from the region) which didn't make it to the final but I kind of like it

Some pages from the book: we look at different flora and fauna found in the Bengal estuary like mangroves, river terrapins (critically endangered :/) , weaver birds

I hope the pepe is not too hard to spot lol

Excited to see the first print run!

This is the firstest childrens book I wrote & illustrated last year about a smol pepe, would not have been possible without my editor Yamini Vijayan's gentle and encouraging guidance

The digital version is available for free to read in 17 different languages:

..and the print copy costs INR 40 (in English & Hindi)

“Somewhere near you, a much younger man will be gripping a school desk, as his life rockets into the void.”

"They would scream but, without mouths, teeth grind away inside their faces."

On 31 Aug 2019, 1.9m people became stateless through the .

A lot has shaped these river boundaries leading up to the NRC-"a graveyard of Indian citizenship" (Suraj Gogoi)

Now with the India will target & discard specifically its Muslim communities, many still living along these borders.

India should be made accountable urgently. In solidarity with the !

A composition of boundaries.
In 2016 I isolated the different boundaries from comparative maps of the ones presented by Cyril Radcliffe on 12 Aug 1947 as part of the Bengal Boundary Commission.

Volunteered for a local animal shelter and drew these characters. Usually my shift was in the noon so almost everyone was zzzzzz :D

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