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Hi Masto दोस्तों! My first post-thread about My Summer of Printmaking -Journaling 😎 🌷

I grew my own food in a small community garden at N. Avery, Caltech Pasadena

Another quick study with the paintbrush tools on Clip Studio

Hey! I have been building a board of editorial illustrations covering since a year now. Most of these illustrations are credited.

If you're looking for inspiration outside stock images of triggered victims, have a look here.

If you wanna collab in putting this together DM me!

super quick sketch on Clip Studio, still figuring it out

Made this draft on Clip Studio. For the first time I'm NOT working with Photoshop :bob_ross:

I had to figure out some shortcuts, otherwise the software is very intuitive to use

btw this projects teaches very young people trivia about the human body and is set in a fairground/carnival

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