This was a joke I drew last year for MerMay, but of course people liked it so lol

"The Swan Prince" - digitally altered graphite. I really like this one, but that usually means others don't like it as much. C'est la vie

InPRNT is doing free shipping until Sunday night! That means you can enjoy free ship on Pack, The Wicked Woods, Water's Edge, Totality, and more if you want to grab a print! Check them out:

"Reclaimed" - ink and copper foil on bristol (Now with the right alt text)


Can you see I have a bit of a theme in my MerMay artworks? "The Dead Sea" - digital

Hey folks! Just over a week and a half remaining to get your artist app in for the coloring book zine if you're interested in participating. I've got a bunch of apps to go through and I'm SO excited to get this rolling and see what we come up with!

If you don't know, I'm putting together a aci-fi/fantasy themed coloring book zine. Here's the link with specifics and how to apply:


One of my MerMay 2021 pieces. I think I have an idea of what I might be doing this year...

Drawing of male butt, potentially nsfw 

Heard there's a blood moon tonight and I have a drawing for that! I've got a print of this up in my shop:

Artist friends - looking for recs for collapsible easels. I'm seeing a lot of cheap ones that are reviewed as "very flimsy" so I'm not super optimistic on what I'm finding. I do more tabletop painting than anything so not certain I need a full size easel but open to suggestions.

Artists: a question. What do you do about pet hair in your artwork (esp paintings)? Do you painstakingly pick them out, or just leave them, or...?

Me: why is this black so horrible to work with?! Literally the worst paint ever
Also me, incapable of reading:

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