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Hello, I'm Roland. I'm a 28yo computer janitor by day, hobbyist by night when I have the energy. Bad member on weekends.

I'm currently working on Lost Generation, a roguelite RPG made in about paying off student loans.

I'm also trying to get back into painting, after spending a few years in a rut. Maybe a less beleaguered art community can help pull me out of that.

Here's to starting over, ya'll.

knowing how many people in my office are gonna be poopsocking tonight kinda takes the wind out my sails tbh

noticed that stray paint stroke across her face and it was keeping me up

More good Masto bots:
- @bones makes skeletons out of bones. Bad skeletons.
- @randostartrek generates whole star trek episode plots
- @doctormccoy is doctor McCoy from the USS Enterprise telling you what professions he cannot perform
- @radicalthinkerz generates the covers of leftist philosophy books, hell yeah
- @nicetips gives you interesting tips for life
- @domainhacker suggests clever domain names to buy
- @carmensandiego will steal various things from you

the issue isn't how i was like The Authentic Worker among The Fake Game People or whatever. the issue is that we're all caught in this structure we never had the chance to even begin to understand fully before we were bodily shoved into it, and our entire lives become us trying to contort ourselves to fit the shrinking contours as we grow. i should just been experiencing it as chatting with other creative people. but we can never be just that under capitalism.

taking my employer off all my social media because of this arenanet bullshit. good job fellas, now no one is safe.

Golden hour shot. Those flight feathers coming in fast

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