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Hello, I'm Roland. I'm a 28yo computer janitor by day, hobbyist by night when I have the energy. Bad member on weekends.

I'm currently working on Lost Generation, a roguelite RPG made in about paying off student loans.

I'm also trying to get back into painting, after spending a few years in a rut. Maybe a less beleaguered art community can help pull me out of that.

Here's to starting over, ya'll.

I should probably get a therapist with all this fucking class traitor money

I spend so much of my mental energy explicitly trying not to be who I was. It's gotten me pretty far, to be fair, but maybe it's not enough anymore.

Maybe spending two days immersed in reminders of the most humiliating parts of my mid-20s wasn't such a hot idea

I dunno if i'm capable of "friendly shittalking" anymore. Back when I was able, it was usually a cover for some actual insecurities, though that might apply to everything about me from then.

So im not sure if im projecting but I cant help but assume the same of others. *Especially* other cishet dudes. I just find the whole practice exhausting now.

detective pikachu 




love these assholes and their shitty car

rest in peace, Kazuhiko Kato

Is there a vampire the masquerade bloodlines mod that makes chinatown less racist

unity's editor GUI APIs are so mindbogglingly bad it makes me so angry

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