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rae @ commissions @aesharae

Hello, I'm Rae!

I'm a self-taught artist based in Los Angeles. I recently just moved here from the Philippines🇵🇭

You can find my works on Instagram (@aesharae)

Excited to meet new people~ mastodon.art/media/O0-g1BQtAnZ

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@aesharae Welcome to Mastodon! I hope you enjoy it here, everyone seems really sweet and generous. :)

@rheall Aww thank you so much! Glad to be here :'D

@aesharae Welcome welcome! ^^ Nice self-portrait! Welcome to the US and to Mastodon :D Hope you enjoy your time in both places so far!

@aesharae You're welcome! :) Feel free to toot at me any time for fun or advice. I also know a few Filipinos who've moved to the US now, or are online at least. So if you want introductions, I'd be happy to connect you :D (Most of them are on twitter though). My good friend lives in NY currently, and she's an animator.

@aesharae what a nice and peculiar style; I love it!

@aesharae Greeting Rae, nice self-portrait Il ike the style 🙂 Welcome