@jk Yes...!!! Autodesk ReMake first time using it I just download the demo an almost client ask for a test, I just take 50 pictures with an iPhone 6 and cook the sandwich. Is really impressive what those softwares do. 😍

@chengeling @jk Is really fun, you learn from every model (I did just one, this a exaggeration) for example if I do this again I prefer render each half of the bread separately and put it together with a 3D software, I think there is a little polygon miss between the two half.👍

@aenderlara 👍 Haha yeah, I think if you're going for re-usability/ modular purposes, do separate pieces when appropriate. hope it isn't too difficult to figure out. Did you have to trim the bg out, or the program is smart enough to do that?

@chengeling Is incredibly smart, here is one of the pictures as you notice I did not kill myself creating contrast with the Background.

I use the servers for the process because my 4gb of ram looks like is not enough for the minimum 64gb they ask for local calculations, after 15 min I get my model back I just sent the pictures to the server and I received a model with the sandwich and just the plate.

On the same app I reduce the polycount (is just move a bar on the interface) and I cut the plate like cuting some image on photoshop, I put the model on maya, create a new plate, I copy the sandwich and create a better UVs (the originals are a disaster) and project the texture over the new model and render it on Marmoset Toolbag, all this takes less than 30 min.

Is magical...!!!

@aenderlara nice! That's awesome. Thanks for the info, and show us more stuff! :D

@chengeling Yeah... I love talk about my experience, you never 😍 know what you can learn on the path. :3 THANKS for ask ❤️

@SpaceQuestHistorian My last models create this sensation. 😏 Working hard for the matrix.

@aenderlara The beta tasting will taste like delicious steak and sandwiches, but you're really just gobbing down liquefied bits of your own poop. Enjoy!

@aenderlara "Mr. Anderson! I hear you enjoy delicious steak and sandwiches. Have I got a secret for you!"

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