All the placeholder objects are ready, now is time for a lot of polishing, UV mapping and texture projection, you can also check more and better images on

1 of 3 polishing model, UV unwrap and Normal/AO maps projection done.

The maps needs some little polishing in PS but is nicely done, I think this is the more complex of the 3 art parts.

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Now online the first part of the Coffee Shop timelapse: Coffee Shop P1. High Poly - Modeling with Maya ☕️

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3 of 3 polishing and UV unwrap texture baking is finally over, maybe this weekend I start with the hand paint texture, meanwhile enjoy this incomprehensible yellow object.

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The Coffee Shop second Timelapse is now available on Here I did some polishing to the Structure, Objects and Engine creating the final low poly mesh, creating the UV maps and baking Normal/AO. ☕️🚀

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The model is officially done guys, soon spotlight and the rest of the timelapse. 😍

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The final step arrives with the texture creation, at the end I use 4 pbr materials hand painted with Photoshop. Render with Marmoset Toolbag using 13 lights (between points and directionals).

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The modeling take 15 hours and texturing 12 hours and it has 40k tris. You can check more details on

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The model is divided in 4 categories (Structure, Objects, Engine and Posters/Decals) to makes easier the process and organized.

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The third part of the project process is now on youtube, check all the texture creation and material

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Source files for the complete model and realtime video process now available for Patreon Supporters

Don't miss the timelapse … and Artstation

Enjoy ❤️ And don't forget to share.

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@aenderlara this is really nice work! I especially like your color choices.

@WandelStock Thank you, xD I was like crazy thinking about all of it ❤️

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