All the placeholder objects are ready, now is time for a lot of polishing, UV mapping and texture projection, you can also check more and better images on

1 of 3 polishing model, UV unwrap and Normal/AO maps projection done.

The maps needs some little polishing in PS but is nicely done, I think this is the more complex of the 3 art parts.

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Now online the first part of the Coffee Shop timelapse: Coffee Shop P1. High Poly - Modeling with Maya β˜•οΈ

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3 of 3 polishing and UV unwrap texture baking is finally over, maybe this weekend I start with the hand paint texture, meanwhile enjoy this incomprehensible yellow object.

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The Coffee Shop second Timelapse is now available on Here I did some polishing to the Structure, Objects and Engine creating the final low poly mesh, creating the UV maps and baking Normal/AO. β˜•οΈπŸš€

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The model is officially done guys, soon spotlight and the rest of the timelapse. 😍

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The final step arrives with the texture creation, at the end I use 4 pbr materials hand painted with Photoshop. Render with Marmoset Toolbag using 13 lights (between points and directionals).

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The modeling take 15 hours and texturing 12 hours and it has 40k tris. You can check more details on

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The model is divided in 4 categories (Structure, Objects, Engine and Posters/Decals) to makes easier the process and organized.

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The third part of the project process is now on youtube, check all the texture creation and material

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Source files for the complete model and realtime video process now available for Patreon Supporters

Don't miss the timelapse … and Artstation

Enjoy ❀️ And don't forget to share.

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@frankiezafe That is amazing, is taking some time, but really like it too. ❀️

@JoKeR If you are asking about the number of polys today is a really ambiguous number and depends of the project that number.

The idea of this model or all my model if create models optimized for game engines with good topologies and I consider those low poly models they are not for video production and they are not over kill models for realtime scenarios with a great look.

@aenderlara You talking with someone who hasn't played newer games.
I'm a huge fan of the first Unreal Tournament and retro games in general... therefore is this model already high poly for me πŸ˜‹
Your model looks really great.

@JoKeR hehe thanks, yeah usually I have this question is really hard and weird to answer, I think nobody really know right now what a low poly is talking about poly count. xD

To give you an idea overwatch has between 25k-45k tris per character. ❀️ Love that models.

@JoKeR In my case I really love to preserve details so I add some extra polys in some areas, but if a clients need a certain number is not a issue.

Right now the model has 62k tris. πŸ˜…

@aenderlara I was once the leader of a modder team for UT99 and we made the Food Fight weapon mod.
I was responsible for the testures and worked close together with the modeller whom I created the model-sheets for the weapons.
This was the outcome

@JoKeR omg this is hilarious love it. If there any video of this in game? I would love to see it.

Here are some live-action footage of an online fight. The game mode is called Burger-CTF
It's a little bit dark

This one is brighter
The player didn't know all weapons how to use.

@JoKeR Is so hilarious, I love it a concept like this would fit awesome on this days.❀️

@aenderlara I just re-read it.
I did mean "textures" not testures this even a word?

@aenderlara I like the Overwatch aesthetic. Very effective use of polys and texture. Very cartoonish but very fitting.

@aenderlara The bottom centre box appears to be floating and not casting a shadow xP

That nitpick aside, this is turning out great! The "bubbly" shape of the boxes is a really nice touch.

@eishiya Is weird what is happening with the floating box, the idea was put one of its corner over the screw, but this and the extremely actual soft shadow is creating this illusion of floating, I think would be better put it the same way like the rest of boxes. :D thanks for that. πŸ˜†

@aenderlara this is really nice work! I especially like your color choices.

@WandelStock Thank you, xD I was like crazy thinking about all of it ❀️

@aenderlara That's so cool, I have just made plans to do a flying bakery 😸

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