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Hey, I’m Aender Lara 3D artist and Solo Game Dev. Right now I love working on monthly models and also on a new indie game about Donuts and a Deser.Also on youtube for no potato quality.

You can also check the models with spotlight and realtime previews on Arstation and SketchFab

And the Beat was courtesy of my brother you can check more of his work on

Fun fact: to create this new asset I decide to check youtube tutorials about how to use a Spinning Wheel to do Yarn in order to create something little accurate or at least understand what I'm doing exactly.

This new section has 20k tris and reuse elements like the candle from the bed asset.

For this new section of the scene I decide to divide the objects in 3 different groups to have a better control of the textures and materials.

300 Youtube subscribers already. !!! yei πŸŽ‰

You can literally support my coffee addiction with consider send some coffee, this caffeine create games and 3D art.

I talk a little about this item and my ability to postpone feature art with logic already implemented since months ago Also files available for download with animations and textures 🍯🍫

For here an small update for our upcoming mobile game full of little ghosts πŸ‘» also

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