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Hey, I’m Aender Lara 3D artist and Solo Game Dev. Right now I love working on monthly models and also on a new indie game about Donuts and a Deser.Also on youtube for no potato quality.

You can also check the models with spotlight and realtime previews on Arstation and SketchFab

And the Beat was courtesy of my brother you can check more of his work on

Complete modeling and texturing with now available on my Youtube Channel 👻▶️

Complete modeling and texturing with now available on my Youtube Channel 👻▶️

The final output has 3k tris and is rigged, for the final animation I use constraints on the Pumpkin bucket and brush to attach their position into the hand joints.

Model is using just 3 textures, leaving the metalness and gloss job just to the PBR material, it was rendered on Marmoset Toolbag

Model was painted using the Shader Editor Nodes and some Texture Paint on Blender and Gimp to create some color mask.

Yesterday I did an emergency learning time about rigging on Blender with "Royal Skies LLC" on youtube it has a couple of videos about Armature, really cool and quick introduction. First rig and animation on yei!!

Trick-or-treating from the little ghost witch🎃👻🧙‍♀️

In my search for new texturing workflow, I got the idea to start using color ID to create mask to work on Blender just like I do on PS and finally get a node set up to create a mask from a color id on this Tumblr carlobergonziniplayground.tumb

Pretty cool

For the donuts I work before I use 2 materials, one for the Donut object and one for the topping object, this last one is 4x4 grid texture with Albedo, Normal, AO and alpha maps.

After 2 weeks opening Blender, setting up things and "Practicing", here is a ugly table leg.

Spotlight, Source Files and Realtime videos are now available on Patreon Take a look ❤🍩

*Donuts not included with your site visit*

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