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The second part of this series is all about creating the highpoly for the structure, defining new elements and all the details it has.

Second timelapse is alredy here check it out on my youtube channel.!

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Hey, I’m Aender Lara 3D artist and Solo Game Dev. Right now I love working on monthly models and also on a new indie game about Donuts and a Deser.Also on youtube for no potato quality.

You can also check the models with spotlight and realtime previews on Arstation and SketchFab

And the Beat was courtesy of my brother you can check more of his work on

Getting the highpoly legs for the gazebo was quite complicated since I was not really sure what I was looking for, but here it is, check the complete timelapse modeling with Blender3D now on 🚀🦿

Highpoly Leg is done, time to procrastinate another part of the ship.!

I'm going from buying games to not play them, to buying books to not read them... progress...

Big part of the time I just move vertices until it makes sense.

I'm working on a week food menu generator to make our life easier at home, and is coming pretty well...

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