Hi! I'm Loreleï Si. I'm an illustrator, a comic book artist, an indie game dev and a writer (mainly in french). I'm agender and I like spaceships, lots of colours 🌈, and SFF! I want to draw women with body hair and fat. I want to tell stories. I just woke up from a two years art slumber after a badly planned weekly comic. I want to start over but slowly this time.
✨ Portfolio : loreleisketch.artstation.com
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another dream painting: a god of a land came to its inhabitants living happily in a group of peaceful villages. He offered to fulfill one their wish. The people discussed for months what the wish should be, it turned into quarrels and then wars that were for years destroying the land. Finally a survivor was looking at the desolate landscape and thought that the best thing a man can wish for from a god is a peaceful mind.

i joined some people on a two weeks long swimming trip. during the night we were swimming the length of some river or canal near the sea, and during the day we visited cities on the bank and slept under the trees. the night sky and sunrises were breathtaking, especially combined with the deep dark water. they were nothing special for my companions, who go on such trips often, but for me it was once in a lifetime sight

Trad ink pieces i made about a year ago for a fren's birthday (it went in a colouring book), with some witchy and magical soothing vibes 🌙 🌱

(on note le ket qui se lèche les boules)

A couple of things with oil pastel! One fully oil pastel the other just the background because I felt like splooping around with them.


On this week’s page of Bicycle Boy, Poet thinks hard about something Darla said. (Might need to reread last week’s page for context.)

this is my second contribution for a 2021 dragon calendar of czech community draci.info

there are many pictures of dragons burning fields or sitting on a rock, but how many are there of dragons drinking?

you can order the calendar here calendar.draci.info/

i didn't like the face so i spent too much time trying to fix it. i got some advice which i am grateful for. after few iterations, this is where i finally give up.

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"It is this adventurer's opinion, therefore, that the only evidence dragons exhibit any 'wealth-hoarding' behavior is their tendency to disrupt golf courses." 🐊

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