(briefly emerges from surgery recovery) I'm taking part in a WoW summer event called the Bonfire Beach Bash! and This weeks prompt let me greet the dawn with some drummin'

My final painting before the collective exhibition I'll be a part of. The exhibition will take place in my hometown (Inowroclaw/Poland) at Kujawskie Centrum Kultury next Friday (8th July 2022).

As usual these days, portrait was painted using water mixable oil paints on canvas, 40x50cm.

William-Adolphe Bouguereau is one of my fav artists.

I painted master study of his 'Young shepardess standing' painting. Water soluble oil paint on canvas, 30x40cm.

It's so hard to get the values and colours right, but it was an excellent exercise.

Adriano do Couto is a freelance illustrator who paints and draws both digitally and traditionally. The illustrations often have a fantasy theme. You can follow at:

➡️ @adrianodocouto

Do Couto's website is at adrianodocouto.com

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Blood, Stitches, Wounds (not excessive) 

"Healing Spirit"--Took a crack at designing my own card, based on the Dnd spell! I hope pengy heals you 1d6 <3

"A Quiet Afternoon" - A reimagining of a piece I first made in 2020, so I could apply what I've learned since going back into full-time art education

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