Is there any point in updating TWRP on a phone/tablet which is already running LineageOS?

After 26 years on this planet, it has only just occurred to me that Royal Mail and the Post Office are two separate entities.

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/   づ

I watched the first episode of NWA Powerrr when it first came out and loved it! But for whatever reason I never returned to it (probably because I was enjoying AEW too much).
Recently I've started watching through it from the start and I'm loving it. What fantastic wrestling.

So to answer my own question: Yes you can run an NVMe drive through a PCIe card on an AMD 990FX motherboard with only PCIe 2.0.

AND it'll boot Linux!

Does Microsoft even know how to program a good sound driver?

If I dare to have too many programs open at once the sound crackles, pops or just breaks and goes completely silent.

Yet on the same exact hardware running Linux, the drivers are as solid as a rock.

Come on Microsoft!

Can anyone recommend a good NVMe PCIe card that will run as many drives as possible, and as fast as possible on a motherboard using the 990FX chipset with PCIe 2.0?

For almost a decade now I have been powering my pedalboard with a trusty Dunlop DC Brick. However, as my pedalboard has grown and more power hungry pedals have come to the market, this power supply is no longer going to cut it.

It's time to find a new, more powerful power supply with at least 11 outputs.

For my money the 'American Nightmare' Cody Rhodes is one of the best professional wrestlers fighting today.

Every feud, every promo, every match he's involved in he makes them feel big. He makes his matches feel alive.

I feel like he is the modern day equivalent of Bret 'the Hitman' Hart because of how real he makes everything feel when he wrestles.

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