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Some features in Krita are like really underrated. For example transform mask, I don't know if any other application has it. What this feature gives you, is the ability to copy the exact transformation like a filter to another layer

Here is a feature request for that same feature on photoshop's feedback portal -

Don't know if they implemented it or not.

And small things like these that makes krita great

Tfw a mecha anime protagonist crosses their arms

You're In The Gamestop And This Guy Lali-ho's Your Girlfriend

-- what do???????

today was stressful for a lot of different reasons. glad it's over and I can put off cleaning up these messes until tomorrow :lies_down:

Reflecting on the fact that a collection of digital files holds more sentimental value to me than most of my physical possessions

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Pretty much all my other important stuff is on a completely different hard drive from Windows, so I wasn't worried about my drawings or videos or anything. A clean reinstall wouldn't have touched them anyways. I'd been meaning to move my Minako screenshots over there too, but hadn't gotten around to it.

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It's admittedly somewhat humorous how important these images are for me but I'm completely serious when I say that if I lost them it would be a massive blow to my health. I literally cried tears of relief as these files successfully copied over.

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Ok ok, this is legitimately the MOST IMPORTANT thing for me right now. I was able to get into my Windows folders from Linux Mint and copy over my Minako screenshots. My 2,053 screenshots of Minako are safe.

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linux mint boots ok so I don't think it's a hardware issue? but I hope I don't have to reinstall... I still need windows for some stuff.

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ah fuck. windows won't boot. stuck in some kind of restart loop. I don't have the spoons for this.

i'm a disabled housequeer who's only able to work from home; if you're a student or writer or have students or writers in your household who need/want help with writing assignments or writing projects, i have experience proofing, editing & giving useful feedback for essays, papers, short fiction, &poetry!

services are free for minority students, and relatively negotiable for white/cis/straight/abled comrades! if you're interested you can email 📚 :blobcatcoffee:


Work is still ongoing for our application icons and art assets, but we're excited to introduce our new project logo!

#Glimpse is now also on Open Collective:

Update: this got featured on Ko-fi art highlights! I don’t even know how that happened since the account is still quite new and I’ve had literally no donations or comments? What algorithm witchery is this? Anyway that made my day :)

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