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i'm really excited by the fact original art seems to be best preferred??? Masto is so different to dA and other social platforms that all seem to flock toward fanart rather than original stuff!

Which do you prefer?

I go through weird phases of being extremely disciplined and extremely lax with my time management

I know a lot of people take commissions through ko-fi but I don't really think I'm gonna. You're welcome to look at my page for commissions and ko-fi just for tips from generous people.

I got an email (re)introducing me to the service and featured in it were a few people I recognize from the fediverse 👀

Hello I remade my ko-fi account with my new email! My profile isn't totally complete yet but here's the link if anyone wants to know where you can send some support my way.

Hello Masto!! I'm not totally dead.. so have a WIP of my meet the artist sheet!

I wanted to give single layer painting a go again seeing as it's been a few years, and I've been reminded how much I love working in black and white !!

There are a few things I'll be fixing as I continue working on it but any feedback will be much appreciated!

I drew a marina to go with the pearl doodle I did! Let’s be real, they belong together 🙏

🏜Hello all! I’m Julius, new to Mastodon and still trying to learn the interface, I’m a gay transmasc fandom artist that lives off my art and I draw a lot of beefy boys|🏜

🏜cacticryptid on Instagram|Twitter
🏜CowboyCoffin on tumblr (personal)
🏜Gothgyrozeppeli on twitter (personal)

>be Asian girl
> American tourist comes to ice cream booth where u work
> Always hear stories of how much Americans eat but never believe
> American tourist orders 1 ft tall cone of ice cream.
> Make it, give it, laugh whole time... You know it's a joke
> He begins eating it, bite by bite
> Oh dear God the legends are true.jpeg

@ yall, What if we made ocs that interacted with each other hahaha

, , , ,unless

I'm really sad we'll never get more Satoshi Kon movies

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