I redrew a piece of fanart I made for Pop'n Music's Rachel back in 2017.

May have gone overboard with the effects, but I think I've managed to turn out a decent product, overall.

If you think you're building The Future

And the team you have assembled to do so

Is less diverse than even the bridge of the Enterprise as depicted in the TV show from 1966

You are probably not building the future we all hoped for

I still haven't settled on how I want to have my Samurai hotbar set up. Trying a lot of different things. I know I probably won't play it much after I get to level 80 but I want to have a comfortable time with it until then.

Registration with Approval is now open on Kafuka.ME!

For those who are looking for an instance was are a general instance but with a few topics we enjoy! Art is a big one. We support 2560x2560px image limits and run Glitch with it's built in drawing features! We are very into computing and gaming: both new and retro.

I hope you'll give us a try as your gateway to the Fediverse! (admins: @emuz @nicole)

#instance #fediverse #mastodon #art #emulation #tech #games #retro :pkm494:

Tried repainting an earlier piece I wasn't happy with. Might make this an every-few-months exercise.

normal dante:

- gay cowboy
- asexual
- cool as hell

ninja theory dante:

- so much time is spent making sure you know he's straight
- horny
- the least cool ever

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modern STEM education has created an army of naive computer scientists that know how to apply processes to data but are completely oblivious to the philosophical implications and criticisms of their work

Would there be an interest in a discord server for queer people looking for other queer people who want to play DnD or other TTRPGs?

I could set one up, but there would *have* to be other people who are mods because I will not have enough time after the holidays to moderate another community. If someone wants to be an admin feel free to take the initiative + invite me to the server lol

Reply if you'd want to be a mod so I/someone can @ you if this happens.

I've delivered salad content on this day
Art sponsored by ArenaNet

re: probably one of my wierdest interactions on here 

@SeanAloysiusOBrien They were one of the first people I blocked on this platform, like, yeeaaars ago.

Alrighty, got Red Mage to level 70, Samurai to 66, and Scholar to 77. I think that's plenty for one day.

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