imagine if rob zombie said that babymetal rolled harder than you. delete your account, BITCH

@Joshi @pocketghosts Well I feel like 10 years ago a 7 was considered "good" or at least "average" but... it's been a long time....

@strawberry I've watched every spider-man movie as I grew up since the Sam Raimi ones and Spider-Verse is hands down my favorite one

Anyone know how to get into a team that does Visual Novels?
I've always wanted to be a part of one ; A ;

Do you guys have an Ocs with tiger features? :D Like tiger ears, tail, etc.
I'd love to draw some :)

@pocketghosts I stopped being able to take (number scored) reviews seriously when people started considering 7 a bad score.

@atelierapricity welcome! If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask

hey mastos!! wondering if you can help me out…

what are some MASTODON INSTANCES 🐘 which:

1. were created in the PAST YEAR
2. have either OPEN or APPROVAL-BASED registrations
3. are run by DECENT FOLKS
4. are NOT TECH-THEMED (in word OR action)
5. have at least SOME ENGLISH-language moderators and documentation (multilingualism 🆗!)

reply with any and all that you know!! boosts 🆗!!

all these spiderman stans need to discover what fanfiction is stat bc i dont have time to watch them beg corporations to sell things to them

Me: Trying to sleep.
My brain: Thinking about how I've never seen a character in any popular media celebrating the same holidays that I do.

@eightbitsamurai shit this loops so well I didn't realize it was happening for a couple minutes

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