Please consider my basic concept for -chan which I promise I will refine and add a lot more details to when I'm not trying to just whip something up in about an hour after looking at a bunch of magical girl art

My half of an art trade with @Vann of her Patty! This one forced me out of my comfort zone a bit, mainly in that I don't really have a great understanding of lighting, so I was winging it. Drawing hands is very much a struggle for me as well, and I'm still not used to drawing animals, or in this case animal-adjacent beings. There's also some parts I'm pretty proud of too. Her face looks nice, and I'm happy with the texture of her hair and clothes.

Remember to space out your art posts so you're not flooding the local timeline! And also remember to use hashtags to make your posts easy to find! If you don't know what hashtag to put, is the general one that a lot of people follow.

[Interior] Adam's bedroom at 1:30am

Me: I should go to bed.
Also me: What if I sketched Hibari like on the cover of the manga.

I was trying to do a post but I think I might've accidentally made a self-callout post for the type of anime girl I like.

Tohru's triumphant smile was so cute in the recent episode of Fruits Basket I doodled Nora with a similar expression! I still kinda have to decide how long her hair is in the back. I feel like I could clean this up a little more and make it into a cute emote :o

It's been a long time since I've drawn my Nora, so I decided to draw her in spring clothes! Last time I drew her she was wearing fall clothes. I think I've come a long way with drawing clothes since then.

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Not really sure if I'm gonna continue working on this so uuuuuh for now here's Boogiepop. Was sort of trying to take inspiration from both the old and the new Boogiepop designs for this. It didn't come out the way I wanted it to but it's not bad or anything so I thought I'd share.

Traditional line art of Fuuka Yamagishi from that I did back in 2015. I used her character design from the Spring of Birth movie as a reference.

This is Nina! With the guidance of a guardian spirit, she is on a quest to rediscover the lost magics of an ancient civilization in order to improve her own magical abilities. She's pretty good with a sword too.

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