I still haven't settled on how I want to have my Samurai hotbar set up. Trying a lot of different things. I know I probably won't play it much after I get to level 80 but I want to have a comfortable time with it until then.

Wild how much music I recognize from Final Fantasy games that I never played because it's sampled for .

My friend and I did a Jojo stand partner-costume for Halloween in and this may be the coolest screenshot I have ever taken in this game.

Last night I joked with some of my friends about a school AU for our characters which has turned into a nearly 2000 word fiction that is probably just Chapter 1

I've been talking about Minako's new look for a while but the reason I haven't posted any screenshots is because I wanted everyone to see it first in this amazing artwork done by @moonyixiv!!

Pretty cool of to have an entire zone where almost every NPC uses they/them pronouns.

Heyo I have a friend who is looking to art of her character. Her budget is at most $70 USD. Her character has fantasy armor and weapons, and I think she wants it colored. Anyone with commissions open have a chart and/or sample images they want me to pass along to her?

I was sure I could hit level 80 on my Astrologian before the next big story patch, but I still underestimated myself. I'll hit level 80 today when I do my roulettes after work lmao

We couldn't clear the 4th floor of Eden tonight but it's so cool. Floor 3 was probably the most fun I've had in Tier 1 of a raid series.

Here's a little preview of the thing I'm working on today because I'm that kind of person. A trailer for a trailer, if you will.

literally has a quest called "Magic is Love, Magic is Life"

video shows FFXIV Shadowbringers final boss arena 

When the boss music is so good nobody cares about fighting anymore. I love seeing Minako do this leggy dance!

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