My friend and I did a Jojo stand partner-costume for Halloween in and this may be the coolest screenshot I have ever taken in this game.

Last night I joked with some of my friends about a school AU for our characters which has turned into a nearly 2000 word fiction that is probably just Chapter 1

I've been talking about Minako's new look for a while but the reason I haven't posted any screenshots is because I wanted everyone to see it first in this amazing artwork done by @moonyixiv!!

Pretty cool of to have an entire zone where almost every NPC uses they/them pronouns.

Heyo I have a friend who is looking to art of her character. Her budget is at most $70 USD. Her character has fantasy armor and weapons, and I think she wants it colored. Anyone with commissions open have a chart and/or sample images they want me to pass along to her?

I was sure I could hit level 80 on my Astrologian before the next big story patch, but I still underestimated myself. I'll hit level 80 today when I do my roulettes after work lmao

We couldn't clear the 4th floor of Eden tonight but it's so cool. Floor 3 was probably the most fun I've had in Tier 1 of a raid series.

Here's a little preview of the thing I'm working on today because I'm that kind of person. A trailer for a trailer, if you will.

literally has a quest called "Magic is Love, Magic is Life"

video shows FFXIV Shadowbringers final boss arena 

oh yeah I finished Shadowbringers yesterday so it took me about a week to get through. I cried I think 4 times.

The voice acting in Shadowbringers is great. Even minor characters are voiced and have impressive performances. Lyna speaks curtly but is still so pleasant to listen to. Feo Ul sounds amazingly androgynous, like give their actor an award.

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