If you bought the standard edition of A Silent Voice or Maquia on blu-ray from Right Stuf, you can trade it in for a discount on the limited edition releases. rightstufanime.com/trade-in

I watched The Secret World of Arrietty tonight and although it might not be my favorite movie it hands down has my favorite soundtrack of any of them.

Hidive is streaming ! It's one of my favorite underappreciated . The first episode is out now, with a new episode releasing each Monday. I'd love it if more people got a laugh from this show. You don't really need to know anything about rakugo for this, but if you want to learn more, Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju is an amazing historical drama about it. The latter is on Crunchyroll. hidive.com/tv/joshiraku

I love the way characters in the Granblue Fantasy look like they're lined with pencil

I realized I forgot to pre-order the Boogiepop Phantom blu-ray, so I fixed that real quick. I'm not super concerned that it doesn't include the live action movie since I already own that on DVD.

Before realizing that I forgot they did it (as a remix) in the show itself, I was thinking that the holy chants in sounded like they all belonged to a single song and put them back to back in the order they appear in the show, finishing off with the Superb Song. So here they are all together, in their original tempo, sung by the original users.

I know Crunchyroll is prob gonna fight for exclusivity but I really hope Chihayafuru S3 streams on Hidive as well.

Still no word on a Boogiepop And Others blu-ray release but at least we're getting Boogiepop Phantom in a couple months.

I'm probably the only person that cares about this at all but oh shit they're releasing on blu-ray

Carole & Tuesday will release on blu-ray in Japan with 2 volumes containing 12 episodes each. Interesting to see that they're taking the American blu-ray release format instead of the usual Japanese format of releasing many volumes that have 2-4 episodes each.

You can watch the first episode of the Bloom Into You in full HD for free on Hidive

Fairy Gone and Worldbuilding for Television

I've realized that what bothered me about Fairy Gone was how it presents its setting.


Proud to have apparently written the first Plume article tagged as

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The first collection of Studio Ponoc short films is in USA theaters subtitled next Thursday (January 10) and dubbed on Saturday (January 12). You can check what theaters near you are showing it here gkidstickets.com/us/modesthero

My favorite anime from 2018 

Sharing the new trailer again not only because I really like it, but because it's actually a good trailer. And by that, I mean I want to highlight how far trailers have come in the past couple years. I used to complain about how it seemed almost every anime trailer was just still images of characters with their voice actors listed. Trailers like that still exist, but proper trailers like this one here are becoming more common and I'm happy to say that. youtube.com/watch?v=yKwalYCVJZ

Hey if you're in the USA go see if is playing in a theater near you any time soon. Please go see this ! gkids.com/films/mirai/

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