Fairy Gone and Worldbuilding for Television

I've realized that what bothered me about Fairy Gone was how it presents its setting.


Proud to have apparently written the first Plume article tagged as

The first collection of Studio Ponoc short films is in USA theaters subtitled next Thursday (January 10) and dubbed on Saturday (January 12). You can check what theaters near you are showing it here gkidstickets.com/us/modesthero

My favorite anime from 2018 

Sharing the new trailer again not only because I really like it, but because it's actually a good trailer. And by that, I mean I want to highlight how far trailers have come in the past couple years. I used to complain about how it seemed almost every anime trailer was just still images of characters with their voice actors listed. Trailers like that still exist, but proper trailers like this one here are becoming more common and I'm happy to say that. youtube.com/watch?v=yKwalYCVJZ

Hey if you're in the USA go see if is playing in a theater near you any time soon. Please go see this ! gkids.com/films/mirai/

Something I've noticed myself doing this year is matching a beverage to whatever I'm going through and drinking it each time I watch an episode.

Laid-Back Camp - hot chocolate
Evangelion - orange juice
Utena - pink lemonade
Avatar - water
Spice & Wolf - apple cider

I'm here to gush about again because they are the only place that is streaming my favorite , Legend of the Galactic Heroes hidive.com/tv/legend-of-the-ga

Oh btw Dragon Pilot is an amazing that just got put on ! I watched it back when it was airing in Japan and it was my favorite new show of that season. Please give it a look :D

Hey everyone, you can watch the first episode of the Girls' Last Tour on Hidive in full HD with no ads for free, no subscription or trial required hidive.com/stream/girls-last-t

The best new I've seen from this year so far is A Place Further Than The Universe. It's available on Crunchyroll in North America, the UK, and Australia (and probably a few other regions too, but those are the ones I know for sure). crunchyroll.com/a-place-furthe

I think one of the most common misconceptions I see from the past couple years is that Crybaby's OP is Devilman no Uta. Yes, the Crybaby soundtrack has an AWESOME remix of Devilman no Uta, the opening of the 1970's anime series, but Crybaby's opening is a totally different song: "Man Human" by Denki Groove. I think this misconception is so common even among people who watch the show because skips opening credits sequences by default.

I'm over halfway through season 1 of Chihayafuru now. This is very good. I knew I'd like it, but I didn't know I'd like it this much.


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