NieR raid character profile. Not really spoilers but marked sensitive just in case.

When your realize Hidive has a page for requesting stuff to be on the site.

So I'm trying to get used to working in because I want to migrate away from Clip Studio (more on this in another toot at some point). Thought I'd get a little facial expression practice out of the way while I was at it so here's Minako looking pretty upset. I hate to see her like this but these kinds of faces are hardest for me to draw.

Friend curious about FFXIV: What job do you play?
Me: *sweats*

Before realizing that I forgot they did it (as a remix) in the show itself, I was thinking that the holy chants in sounded like they all belonged to a single song and put them back to back in the order they appear in the show, finishing off with the Superb Song. So here they are all together, in their original tempo, sung by the original users.

I've been talking about Minako's new look for a while but the reason I haven't posted any screenshots is because I wanted everyone to see it first in this amazing artwork done by @moonyixiv!!

Please consider my basic concept for -chan which I promise I will refine and add a lot more details to when I'm not trying to just whip something up in about an hour after looking at a bunch of magical girl art

I made manga style Minako and Nora in Picrew. Had to do a little Clip Studio magic of my own to get Nora's highlights right.

I hope @iyfrr doesn't mind that I drew her Céline real quick ahaha I just like her a lot

My half of an art trade with @Vann of her Patty! This one forced me out of my comfort zone a bit, mainly in that I don't really have a great understanding of lighting, so I was winging it. Drawing hands is very much a struggle for me as well, and I'm still not used to drawing animals, or in this case animal-adjacent beings. There's also some parts I'm pretty proud of too. Her face looks nice, and I'm happy with the texture of her hair and clothes.

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