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Last night I got Black Mage to 70, Gunbreaker to 63, and Monk to 54.

Tonight I got my Monk to 60! All of my combat jobs are level 60+ now! My Gunbreaker is level 64, and that's what I'll be focusing on getting to 70 next. I accidentally turned in some quests as my Dragoon today (I was distracted ok) so that's level 73 now. I meant to give that experience to my Black Mage, but I still managed to get that to 71, so now I can do Shadowbringers dungeons with it.

I forgot how much exp weekly Custom Deliveries give crafters. I did one set and leveled up Carpenter twice, to level 76. Took all of 5 minutes to do. Now I'm not even sure if it's worth doing the levequest I was gathering materials for haha. I guess I'll still do it just to not waste a leve allowance.

Mostly unrelated to my leveling adventures but I've cleared all of the sidequests from 4 out of the 6 Heavensward zones. I plan to keep chipping away at them as I level DPS jobs, moving up through each area of the expansions one at a time until I eventually double back into A Realm Reborn zones. Most of these quests aren't anything special but some of them are really good.

I got my Black Mage to level 73. It's about halfway to 74 now, so I can probably get there with one more dungeon. Gunbreaker is 65. I'm leveling it a bit faster than I expected given I'm not playing it a whole bunch. It's a super fun job though. I got my Carpenter to 80 last night and am now struggling to decide which crafter I want to focus on next. I might just go down the list and do Blacksmith. Crafting is a lot more fun after the most recent update because I understand how it works now lol.

Oh and I'm also officially a Trade Mentor now. But I'm a little worried I won't have much advice for lower level crafters since I had all my crafting classes to level 70 when the update came out, and things are so different now I honestly have no idea what crafting below level 70 even feels like now. I can only guess how it might work based on skill descriptions.

Today I got my Blacksmith to level 80! I wound up leveling up a lot faster than I expected to while I was making high quality crafting materials. I hit level 80 before I even used all the materials I made, so thankfully I can use them on other jobs like Goldsmith and Armorer. I had to make some of the materials with Goldsmith too, so that's up to level 73 now. My Black Mage is level 76. I'm hoping to hit 80 within a week. Then I'll be focusing on Dragoon and Gunbreaker again.

Ishgard Restoration releases on Tuesday with Patch 5.11, and they said you'll be able to level crafters with it, so I'm probably going to already be level 80 on all of my crafters before the crafting beast tribe quests come out in a couple months lol. I'll still do those quests though, not for leveling, but because they always have neat stories and give good materials that I can either use or sell.

Using the materials I made yesterday, I made and turned in a bunch of items for quests on my Goldsmith, getting it to level 76. I called it a night with that because it's gonna take a while to gather the raw materials I need to make my next few sets of stuff for that job, and I don't have the time or energy to do that tonight. I turned in some quests as a Weaver so I got that job to level 71. I also ran a dungeon as Black Mage and leveled up once to 77. Maybe I can get it to 78 tomorrow.

Last night I got my Goldsmith to level 80. Now I'm back to deciding what crafter I want to focus on leveling next. Today I got my Gunbreaker to level 66, and my Black Mage to level 79. If I have any time to play more tonight I'm going to try to get it to level 80 so I can finish the Magic DPS role quest and be done with it. If I can get a friend to queue into stuff with me as a healer or tank to cut down queue times it shouldn't take more than an hour or two at most.

I didn't get Black Mage to 80 tonight but I did get Leatherworker from 70 to 80 in one sitting LMAO crafting is so easy this expansion.

Been a few days with no updates, but I've still been playing. I got Black Mage to 80 and did the Magic DPS role quest as well as the fantastic final quest that unlocks after you complete all the different role quests. I've gotten my Gunbreaker to level 69 (nice). Dragoon is level 74. I got Armorer to level 80, and Weaver to 74. I've also finally picked up Fishing again, currently at level 18.

I got Gunbreaker to 70 so I've moved on to Scholar which I'm surprised I've gotten to level 67 already considering how much of my gaming time has gone to Pokemon this weekend. I just got Dragoon to level 75 as well.

Scholar at level 69 (nice). I wonder what I'll level next? Maybe Machinist. Weaver is level 75.

Once I have all my jobs to 70 it'll be so nice because I'll be able to just dump so much gear that I'll never need again lmao.

Got Scholar to 70 and wrapped up the job quest. I think I will do machinist next. I got that to 61. Woulda liked to do more with it but I used all my roulettes on Scholar.

I've been leveling Machinist the past few days. I'm at level 68 right now. My Dragoon is 77. I think I'll level White Mage once Machinist is at 70.

tbh I'm pretty impressed with how fast I've been able to level machinist given how little time I've been able to dedicate to FF14 in the past week on top of it being a DPS class leading to longer queue times for dungeons. I guess I've just gotten very efficient with how I do these things. I should be level 70 before the weekend.

"before the weekend"
I got to level 70 tonight lmao. Now on to White Mage.

I made some time to do my roulettes and beast tribe quests this morning, so I got White Mage to level 62. If I'm able to continually level up twice a day with just that, this won't take long at all.

At this point I've got half of my combat-related jobs to level 70 or above. I have 1/4 of them at level 80. If I can keep up a pace of getting 10 levels on one job per week, I'll have everything at level 80 by... around Summer next year lmao. I can probably go faster than that but I don't want to assume that I will, since I have a job and classes after all.

Last night I got White Mage to level 68 so I can probably get to 70 tonight or close. I'm going to get Dragoon to 78 tonight as well when I do my pixie quests. I could've done it last night if I had more time, but I'm not in a rush. When I'm done with White Mage for this phase, I might do Ninja next.

Yeah so I got White Mage to 70! And Dragoon to 78! I guess I'll start leveling Ninja tomorrow after I do 寝るの術

I hit level 64 on Ninja today, so it looks like if I can make time to do all my daily roulettes and beast tribe quests I can move at a pace of 2 levels per day even on a DPS job.

I got all the way to level 67 on Ninja today! And my Dragoon to 79. This isn't taking as long as I thought it would.

Alright, Ninja is level 70, Dragoon is level 80! I'm gonna level Paladin to 70 next but now I need to decide what job to work toward 80. I got Paladin to 61 today, and I could probably get another level or two if I didn't have work in an hour, but that's just how it is.

I didn't even play Final Fantasy yesterday since I had a paper to work on but I still managed to get my Paladin to level 67 today lmao I'm real good at leveling in this game huh

Got Paladin to level 70 today and Scholar to level 71. I think I might level up Monk next. Was initially worried about leveling 2 melee jobs back to back but since I got Paladin done in just 3 days, I'm not tired of it yet. Is this thread getting too long? I've been updating it 4-5 times a week for the last 2 months. I want to keep my progress organized but I don't want people to think they need to read the whole thing. Only the most recent toot is relevant most of the time.

Today I got my Monk to level 64. With my bonuses applied, I did all my beast tribe quests while waiting in queue for all my roulettes, and then I ran my highest level dungeon and heaven on high once each.

I got Monk to level 66 today. I think that's enough.

I think I can get Monk to level 70 today after work AND do my homework if I don't watch anime tonight, which is fine because the only shows I'd be falling behind on are Granblue Fantasy and My Hero Academia, both of which I'm farther ahead in the source material anyways so I don't feel pressure to stay caught up.

I estimated it'd take me about a week for each job to get them from level 60 to level 70 but my pace has been about 4 days per job lol

Almost forgot to mention I did get Monk to 70 last night. 4 more jobs to go. Up next is Bard. Also got Scholar to level 72.

Tonight I got Bard to level 68. Will probably get to 70 tomorrow night. Scholar is level 74, which is quite good progress imo considering how busy I've been lately on top of the fact that I'm not doing my roulettes with it.

Alrighty I got Bard to level 70! Just 3 more jobs to go. Warrior next!

Haven't had time to play much the past few days but I've got Warrior to level 65 and Scholar to Level 75, very close to 76.

Forgot to update this thread for a few days. Warrior is at level 70 and I've already gotten Red Mage to 68. Should be 70 tomorrow if I have time.

I wasn't feeling too great earlier tonight so I didn't play a whole lot of Final Fantasy. I logged off before getting Red Mage to level 70, but it is level 69 (nice). Scholar is 76.

Scholar and Summoner level up together. I don't actually play Summoner at all (I'll do the job quest eventually) but it's always the same level as Scholar.

Alrighty, got Red Mage to level 70, Samurai to 66, and Scholar to 77. I think that's plenty for one day.

I wasn't expecting it to be so fast but I got Samurai to level 70 already! All of my combat jobs are at level 70! I don't need to do Stormblood beast tribe quests now, and I've also completed all of the Heavensward and Stormblood side quests, so I won't have much reason to spend time in the previous expansion areas anymore. I can finally spend most of my time in Shadowbringers zones. Scholar is still level 77 but it'll be my main focus for now so I should have it at 80 in no time.

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