Just wanted to remind my new followers from Mastodon.ART that we aren't the only server and there's lots of cool people on other servers that you can follow! A few servers with people that I follow are: (gaming) (general, cozy) (general, art, writing, fandoms) (18+ art, sfw and nsfw) (general) (general) (general) (gamedev) (tabletop gaming)

And there's many more out there!

@adamk678 I don't know if our tally is accepting people. I applied there almost a month ago and still haven't heard back.

@fukurouyoujo I have no idea if they're accepting new users or not either. My post is other servers with people that new members of my server may want to follow. Have you tried getting in touch with the art alley admin though?

@adamk678 no actually I'm going to recant my statement, because I actually am in the group. It was a different group that didn't get back to me.

@adamk678 Also you can use MastoVue: to see the instance timeline without making an account, so you can see if is what you expect before making an account

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