For new people:
The fediverse has been around for around a decade now, and it's not going to "die" any time soon.
Other centralized social media encourages bad habits to keep engagement, but we're not about that here. It takes time to shake those bad habits, but do your best and you'll get used to it. Thanks to the public timelines, everyone has an audience right away here, so nobody worries about follower count/ratio. We're here to have a good time, not to get "clout".

Some bad habits and how to break them:
CLOUT: Don't worry about your follower count/ratio. Nobody here cares what your follower number is unless it's 69 or 420. Nobody cares how many interactions your posts get. Instead, focus on the quality of your interactions over the quantity of them. Be good to other people and other people will be good to you. It's good to promote yourself and the work you do, but remember that people here are people, not numbers, and we care about you, not just your brand

OUTRAGE: Posting hot takes just to get a reaction out of people won't get you far here. We're not an outrage machine, and being upset about things won't get you attention. Everyone gets upset sometimes though, and it's natural to talk about it when it happens. However, the world can be bad a lot and not everyone always has the energy to constantly deal with it, so consider using a content warning when talking about difficult topics so people can mentally prepare themselves to get into it.

DRAMA: Like any other social platform, there is drama on the fediverse, that's just a fact. However, we do our best to avoid it and don't go out of our way to make it. Unlike other social media, getting involved with drama won't get you attention. It's more likely to get you muted or blocked, to be honest. There is an appeal to spicy gossip but it's a waste of energy to involve yourself, so try to keep your focus on other more positive things. Just don't worry about it.

IRONY: Irony isn't evil or anything, but people on the fediverse generally appreciate sincerity more. Liking or hating on something ironically won't get you attention. Being an asshole "ironically" will just get you blocked. We care more about what you genuinely care about. Share your passions. Tell us about the stuff you really love. You'll either find people with common interests or introduce someone who doesn't know about it to their new favorite thing.

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