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-Any human (or near-human) character is fine if you provide reference images or a detailed description.
-How much time it takes me to complete a commission may vary depending on the amount of work it requires and what is going on in my personal life. Please be patient, and let me know if there is a deadline.
-Payment in USD via PayPal (ko-fi is acceptable).
-I may decline to take a commission if it's beyond what I'm comfortable doing.
-Feel free to DM me any questions you have.

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I need to try some new techniques. I don't think I'm really making much progress doing things the way I am now.

I have watched the trailers for this show literally every day since they came out

Me: I'm tired of all these anime adaptations of light novels

1-2-3 Get loose now!

…My lil Italian Greyhound (smallest of the litter) waiting for boops at 6 weeks old.

an isocahedron (or d20, if u will) that i made as a christmas present

Anyone know any artists (aside from me) combining poetry and art, or have any good suggestions for essays/etc on that topic?

Don't remember if I posted these but here's my collection of doodle kids from a while back.

#art #MastoArt #doodle

Hey art friends.

Anyone use Canva for graphic design stuff?
I'm being given access to it for work related content and am curious as to the experiences others have had with their service.

uhh heres my #introduction i guess. yo im raye and im a #gameart student. ive been trying to find a good platform to post #art ( tho mostly #fanart lol ) so we'll see how this works out.

im into a lot of things but rn the big ones are #persona, #fireemblem, and various #anime. nice to meet all of u :^)c

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If anything this was a good practice doing a facial expression that's just a little bit different from the one I usually put on characters by default. Just a little bit. Getting comfortable with more varied expressions is something I need to work on.

Not really sure if I'm gonna continue working on this so uuuuuh for now here's Boogiepop. Was sort of trying to take inspiration from both the old and the new Boogiepop designs for this. It didn't come out the way I wanted it to but it's not bad or anything so I thought I'd share.

My finger is feeling better so I was thinking I might draw for a bit tonight but I've sort of lost my vision of what I wanted to do :lies_down:


If you run or have any good places to nab any of the following:

- Cute Vinyl stickers
- Fun shirts
- 'Woodsy' / 'Fae' aesthetic *anything*
- Cute, fun lil christmas gift / gift Ideas in general

Please let me know!!

I'm trying to make a list for myself, for other people to buy for me, but I don't really think about things I wANT,,,,so I don't have anything saved

Absolutely ok to Boost! 👌

#? ? ? ? help

good morning suddenly im good at things check this shit out (still wip but for some reason it is all super good on a technical level)

Katie all grown up!!
(She's the main character to the webcomic I plan to make after I finish up the one I'm currently working on!) #mastoart

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