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-Any human (or near-human) character is fine if you provide reference images or a detailed description.
-How much time it takes me to complete a commission may vary depending on the amount of work it requires and what is going on in my personal life. Please be patient, and let me know if there is a deadline.
-Payment in USD via PayPal (ko-fi is acceptable).
-I may decline to take a commission if it's beyond what I'm comfortable doing.
-Feel free to DM me any questions you have

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Does anyone know if there's an open source app that lets you easily browse video files on your computer sorted by genres, date of publication etc, with screenshots and a graphic interface?

(So, sort of like Netflix but offline and entirely on your own PC.)


Don't call your platform an "alternative" either. do you want chocolate or "chocolate alternative?" it is hard to build the platform you need to build while allowing the antecedent platform to define what those needs are.

I've been saying this forever: do not call them clones (Twitter clone, Instagram clone, etc) Don't build the "free and open X" build the platform you NEED, whatever that is, and make it free and open.

atlus please put pants on kasumi she is cold and also 15

i felt like Peppermint's design was v cute but a little too similar to the original, so I took her to go get a haircut and I think it turned out pretty well!!!

#art by chunnyeol on twitter!!

It costs a person nothing to use language that makes a space a bit more inclusive.

Not wanting to do so means you're just an asshole.

Ah I scrolled down further and the bottom half of her costume sucks lmao Atlus why are you like this.

In a roundabout way Atlus is simultaneously giving me what I've always wanted and also denying it.

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listen y'all. nomura is gonna be busy. tabata is gone. yoshi-p is focusing on final fantasy xiv. just let yoko taro do it square enix. just let him do 16. please.

"Free world building idea: Wizards have the same trust in magic that software designers have in software, which is to say, almost none at all."

Oh, I loved that. I knew the movie was gonna be cute from the trailer, but I wasn't expecting to resonate with it so much. A meaningful story about loss and trauma, growth and forgiveness. As always, I only cried a little. I'm not sure how long Okko's Inn will be in theaters where you are, but please try to go see it somehow, someday.

This is the LOLOL game avatar of one of the main characters - Yoosung.
Original was pretty ugly, but that boy thought it's beautiful.
So, I decided to improve it:3

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