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-Any human (or near-human) character is fine if you provide reference images or a detailed description.
-How much time it takes me to complete a commission may vary depending on the amount of work it requires and what is going on in my personal life. Please be patient, and let me know if there is a deadline.
-Payment in USD via PayPal (ko-fi is acceptable).
-I may decline to take a commission if it's beyond what I'm comfortable doing.
-Feel free to DM me any questions you have

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hi my cat does this thing where they'll grab my hand and pull it into them and demand i pet them and i went to get a picture of them looking cute and they did it,

I'm a lot happier if I'm drawing and it's weird how often I forget to do that.

Some Asshole: The only reason someone will ever be nice is if it benefits them somehow

Humans: I'm gonna bring this plant home, and name him Greg, and water him every day. I love you Greg.

Some Asshole: humans are just naturally inclined to selfish behavior because of evolution

Humans: *form social bonds with strangers*
Humans: *form social bonds with animals*
Humans: *form social bonds with plants*
Humans: *form social bonds with robots*

Little stylized portrait study.

Cause everyone loves elf chicks.

trying some new things with violet's design while I try new things with her story

Oh wow. I was hoping to see Alita today but my local theater is reserved seating and all of the good seats are taken already. That's great for the movie, but sucks for me haha. I guess I'll have to go during the week.

I wish Wire's web/desktop app was as good as the mobile app

what are the odds you can recycle a steelbook case

Hello, campers!

After much discussion, I think the hashtag I'm going to recommend for talking about comics stuff, whether it's WIPs, scripts, story ideas, thumbnails, panel compositions, dialogue balloons, pacing, etc. is going to be:


Use that hashtag whenever you talk about making your #comics to connect with a wider community of comic and narrative art creators in the :fediverse: Fediverse.

Keep being awesome, campers! ⛺


oh no it's not valentine anymore but my favorite card is the one with the kid from Persona 3 and the text is just "will you be my baby (baby baby baby baby)" until the text overflows

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