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If I were point to a representation of NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) outside of demonizing stereotypes I'd say the dad in the movie Big Fish--a teller of tall tales with maybe an overinflated sense of self, sometimes kinda cringe, but with a big personality and a love of life.

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so 10minutepleroma has decided to rebrand as a pleroma hosting service called "". they have reportedly not launched yet, but are also providing technical support contacts for alpha testing and such so maybe they are?

While you can defed, it looks like they're encouraging people to bring their own domains. If you block a pleroma instance and see anything about "tribes" on their about page or somewhere, please let me know. I'd like to see if we can track down what IP's they're working for so we can block those

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need money for car 

hey so my car finally had one to many things fail so we had to give it up for scrap cuz it just wasn't safe or reliable anymore.

my wife and i are struggling desperately to gain financial independence rn, she's been doing retail and i was setting into delivering packages, but we just can't live without our own vehicle in this part of the world (texas has basically 0 public transport)

we don't have an exact target figure yet but we're actively searching for a new vehicle
(No account needed)

$glamorshark cashapp
@londonshine venmo (0309)

stimming so fucking hard to make up for all the lost time repressing the need to

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Remember that one of the hallmarks of a dystopia is that many/most people just go along with it...

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there's this really strong feeling i get sometimes when people do something simple yet so kind or when they talk about something so mundane but there's love laced in their words.

i don't have pristine words to describe that feeling, but it keeps me alive i think. i hope i can give to others

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Some people post like once a month and then get upset that nobody interacts with them

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its weird how in learning something sinister about a person, everything they have done retroactively turns ominous

why are all the dads i know so horny for huge tvs

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if you understand that there is injustice going on in Palestine by Israel but feel like you don't understand the whole picture,

the BDS movement also has a pretty good historical primer of the situation

it's written to appeal to libs and you can tell, but it's factual and hits the most important points if you feel at a loss as to understanding the big picture and historical context

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why didn't anyone tell me writing your own campaign setting is hard

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since my surgery date is scheduled, i updated my gfm! the price was slightly more than the estimate but now i have more time than i thought i would to save money~

please keep sharing this link around, if you wanna post on fb or other socials that is fine too! i can't thank everyone enough, i really wouldn't be able to do this without your help 🖤

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Does the world know that the french military and cops are having columns in a newspaper where they literally call for a civil war to clean "ungovernable neighborhoods"*?

* it means black and arab people in french

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When people say gender is a choice, maybe they mean expressing gender is a choice.

I can't tell you how dissonant it is to mask as a gender I cant naturally be and how harmful it is.

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