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resource distribution offer, period supplies 

is there anyone in Georgia (state) who is in emergency need of contraceptives or period supplies? i'm working with a resource distribution project and i can ship (and possibly deliver) within Georgia in february. feel free to comment or pm me

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my weirdness/mental health but wait for it... 💫 gratitude💫 

i have real bad people pleasing tendencies/over explaining tendencies and even saying this is prob that, but i have mastadon stripped to a bare minimum for my sake so i don't see favs, boosts, and follow requests.
I'm really not trying to be rude when i don't see something, but my main focus here is to get over the fear of sharing my art and speaking my mind.
Still, thanks to everyone who has faved, boosted, or followed from what i saw!

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hey everyone. i'm adae and i cling onto art cuz life tries to whip me off into a black void of despair. isn't that fun?

i make all kinds of art but you'll probably be seeing a lot of paintings and drawings here.

feel free to interact if you want to talk about technique, inspiration, decolonization, and the weird metaphysical shit in art and life itself i guess (esp. if you're black!!!). that's all so let me tighten my grip before i get flung off

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most updated mutual aid update for my friend, feel free to retoot 

-go to original toot for OCR img description

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these people went to my college. please support them as much as you can.

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mutual aid for my black autistic trans non binary friend, discussions of abuse 

Alright, let’s give this another try, as I know there are still people here on mastodon who have wealth to redistribute.




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psa please do not censor slurs or common triggers (e.g. sl*r). on fedi. you're doing more harm than good cause people who do not want to see these words at all can filter these words from their timeline entirely, but that will be bypassed if you censor.

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If any of you whyte ppl wanna give me money to help pay off my car or my laptop or my psychiatric expenses or my HRT expenses or new nonslip shoes for work, my info is in my bio and I can give you my PayPal if you ask

oh shit akwaeke emezi announced a new book 👀

fuck you mean all this scrolling is unhealthy? it's exercise for my eyes

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hey, here's a twitter thread of black trans women's gofundmes that haven't reached their goals yet:

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I want to make sure this is clear to all. is open to having people join our instance. The creator and admin of our instance is me, Ikora. I'm a black femme, but you don't have to be to join us. We are creating a community space based on restorative justice principles. So, yes, everyone is welcome! But, it's in context, right? Unearned advantages will be addressed and acknowledged. We won't be gaslighting each other. Listen to experience, etc. Join me if you want to help. <3

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Urgent mutual aid request for Black comrade in housing crisis.

Has been living in unsafe situation and needs to relocate. Currently short approx $250 for rent and utilities.

Please donate and/or share.

Venmo - @patjdee
cashapp - $jpat10
paypal at

Thank you so very much for any and all support.

shoutout to people who take the time to make animatics for shit they enjoy

there are barely any rude tales of magic animatics and it's a fucking tragedy

question about the fedi 

i should clarify cuz obviously that's probably the case. i mean on the personal timeline, if i have followers from both.

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question about the fedi 

so i've been seeing that is defederating from kolektiva. does that mean if i boost something from one of those instances or reply to a toot, the other won't be able to see it?

ui design nonsense 

time to enjoy it before it gets overplayed and misused

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ui design nonsense 

glassmorphism and neumorphism look so fucking sexy

why am i seeing mackelmore on my tl 😭

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Transition crowdfund fundraiser, PLEASE boost!! (update 6th January) 

Summary: Hi I'm Julia, an autistic mentally ill trans woman in poverty from the UK who is long-term unemployed, living with my partner who is also a long-term unemployed trans girl. Since my dysphoria is making it really hard to cope and I need the hope of something to help out, I've set up a fundraiser to pay for private medical transition costs. PLEASE help me out if you can, I don't want to keep putting off my transition and being the person I want to be for longer, already at 29, the dysphoria and anxiety of it seriously affects my mental health.

Goal Progress: £678.43/£6700

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who donated over the holiday period, your generosity is honestly overwhelming! 💖💖💖 I can now afford 2 clinic appointments at least, and will be arranging one shortly. But I still have a long way to get to my goal, so please keep reblogging and donate if you can!

If you're able to, please donate, any amount at all helps, if not able to please don't worry about it, I know many of us are struggling, but please boost to spread around, it helps immeasurably!

Also if you are on Tumblr could you boost my post there too please? (if the link below does not work I have probably changed my Tumbr url, you can @ me to ask for the new one)



Cashapp: £JuliaEl (works in UK/GBP only unfortunately)

#TransCrowdfund #LGBTCrowdfund #crowdfund #DisabledCrowdfund #DisabilityCrowdfund #MutualAid #Donate #DonationPosts #fundraiser #SignalBoost

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