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A pixel art of a cassowary (large ratite bird) face in synthwave colors.

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Penrose tiles outlined in purple with a glowing effect applied to them.

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I've been working on computers for a long time, but art has been my passion for longer. I am and I mean, it's pretty obvious if you interact with me ever. I like photography a lot, and will definitely be posting photos. I do some let's say Idiosyncratic visual art. I am very good at some kinds of vector graphics.

I am 1/4 of a tiny games studio Aldercone with @evel you should check it out! I do the programming.

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I've gotten a lot of support so far and I am so grateful! I got a leash and can pay for a handful of months of the trainers' group academy!

We also got one new patreon patron which is extra awesome. Benig able to rely on more regular monies would really put us at ease both because of my dog taking up so much time and because of our disabilities taking up entire fucking days

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Please help me keep my dog! :sharesloved:

My dog has specific problems that make it hard/impossible to work & leave the house. A trainer will give me a bunch of free 1-on-1 sessions (fuckin amazing!) and I pay for their monthly group thing.

I need to be getting at least $25/month but more means more time I can dedicate to training!

Every tiny bit helps!!
- (monthly)
- (monthly or 1time)
- venmo or cashapp: aldercone (1time)

(photo w/ dog ec)

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makes me think about how the game and entity state could be a more formal abstract system that could be defined in a library that a lot of things could use.

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pretty rad that i wrote a whole simplified lisp dialect to manage state transitions, events, and abilities in one of our games. we should use this in more of our game designs

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I think it's pretty clear that me and @actualcassomary are way too and busy trying to keep a roof over our heads for our quinterly game jam series, but I have a new idea that is much smaller and more sprinty!

I hope zine makers, TTRPG writers, gamedevs, and all the other things people can make and put on here will like our next idea!

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chanting "o great god of cables, o great god of cables!" as i dig through a 300lb box of tangled old cables trying to pull out a working cat5 cable.

just showin off my new sig stamp on this photo of a robin i took a few years ago

A preview of the next version of ManyNames! I've written a house name generator for a new Cozy / Cottagecore tab.

Coming soon to:

Here is some from an invasive species Common Knapweed (Centaurea nigra). Pretty flowers though!

Taken with a Nikon Z6 and a 500mm Reflex-Nikkor lense (manual focus) f1.8, 1/320s

Oh some technical details:

Nikon Z6, 500mm Reflex-Nikkor 1.8 (manual focus). 1/125s exposure. Edited with rawtherapee & gnu imp .

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Was sitting out back and this mourning dove (Zenaida macroura) came to visit.

Sensitive due to: bird eye contact

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I just got sacked with an unexpected bill

Please boost, share and or donate my GFM, pls.

If I could hit 500 in the next couple days I would be really grateful

that doesnt cover it but any bit helps

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I can't do my usual streams today or at all this week! I'm hoping to next Saturday but we'll see :)

Please check out my pinned support post because not being able to work doesn't make me less poor, natch lol

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Time to start off Monday right: with death rays!

come watch me poorly do an escort mission over and over :P Hopefully I can get the damn truck to where it is going

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I'm streaming Shenmue II and I think this really will be the last stream of it it?? I hope so because I'm really curious about Shenmue III and what's it about at all

Anyway, so we're just at a really quaint village and I think we're finally going to meet the magic girl that's been showing up in our dreams! I hope our boyfriend shows up, he's super helpful if very grunpy


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