Gotta get that cheese!

An old piece from 2012 I still dig. I was experimenting with comic-like shading.

Inktober 52 2022 - Week 19 - 'Origin'

What would be better for the 'origin' of mermaids than a coelacanth based mermaid? I made this one a bit more humanoid than I usually do to keep it looks a bit like an early sea-humanoid.
mermaid #creature 52

Small compilation of my character Gith, a demon from a twisted parallel dimension whose soul is linked with Cibex'. He started out as a Spanish class doodle in 2004 and I still love him dearly.

(Marked as sensitive for eye contact.)

A funky space gorilla I drew for @ephemeromorph a couple of years ago and still think it looks hilarious. (Marked as sensitive for shiny gorilla butt. πŸ˜„)

Late to the party, but here's my contribution to the mushroom house art jam from two weeks ago! πŸ˜„

A little bit of pixel art practice with a 4-bit pallette. They're not perfect, but I like how they turned out. Which one is your favorite?

🎢 "Where, where, where are you now?"

An old piece I still love, drawn to "Six Feet Under" by Deap Vally.

A little animation experiment in Adobe After Effects from last year, featuring my character Cibex.

Inktober 52 2022 - Week 18 - 'World'

It's Mer-may and here is seahorse mermaid finding her world blurring into ours. I can also picture singing the 'part of your world' song with dark pollution undertones.

She's got plastic flowers on her as I'm slowly finishing up my long term project; using a driftwood reindeer antler (I found around Christmas, and it has what looks like bauble string on it) and covering it in all the plastic foliage I've cleaned off the beach in recent years.

"And there she stood before me, looking up to the oddly-colored sky – the thunderstorm would be here any minute now –; her delicate shape disfigured into a sick joke of Mother Nature which could only vaguely be described as a disgusting mixture of man-wolf and Deep One, yet unrelated to anything known from lore or nature, or within human comprehension whatsoever. (...)"

A Lovecraft-inspired piece from 2011 that came with a little story (continued in the replies).

Inktober 52 2022 - Week 17 - Dino
But they lived at the time of the dinosaurs. 8> She came out a bit more pink than I intended, but I kinda of like it now. Like a deadly flamingo. I've always loved Pterosaurs and Ornithocheirus was a favourite after watching walking with dinosaurs when I was younger.
This is a character for Scifer's fantasy dinosaur world. He wanted a rival for his dinosaur princess who has recently spouted *gasp* wings!

Hey all! I'll be using this place as an alternative to Twitter, just for my art posts. I'm Scifer - a roguish, charming badgerfox, living in a sci-fi dystopia of corporate space war and alternate universes!

Last year, I did something called , where I spent the whole month drawing artwork of my character - Mercie. She's an android sheep nurse from an alternate 1950s where robotics technology is many years ahead of our universe! The company that built her are developing a kid-friendly range of droids, so future generations won't be afraid of healthcare robots!

Last Mermaid for Mermay 2021 and this one is dedicated to my friend Zanthia Who is not only the queen of mermaids but also a real-life Zebra (in her hair). This mermaid is based on a Zebra fish (a sea tang specifically, but bits inspired by the river sort too).

The swimming pool had to have that 80's graphic look because that seemed to fit best when thinking of 'swimming pool'.

This week's word was Octopus and that's perfect as it's still Mermay and gave me a chance to do an octopus mermaid!

She is offering you some wine but hasn't quite grasped how humans 'drink' just yet. Shame. It's super vintage too.

A Bioluminescent comb jelly mermaid! Just FLOWing a long. 8D

Added some flow creatures i there too. Anyone else remembers that old flash game? I played that A LOT back in the day.

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