While doing some cleaning-up I found this which served as a base to My Girls studies (mastodon.art/@aaribaud/1022552). Now I need to find the energy to turn it into a full-fledged drawing.

Well, at least it's not *litterally* a case of .

After looking around a bit, a first draft of my future . Much to fix as this is a rough just to get thjngs rolling, and I haven't drawn for months. Also, got to think up a punny greek name.


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"I really hate it when I have to calm down unwelcome troublemakers. Messes the hairdo every time."

(bloodless variant)

End result of the progress shown in mastodon.art/@aaribaud/1040273…, itself a sequel of sorts to mastodon.art/@aaribaud/1040169…

(es), , and all done in with rough background colors added in

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Contains traces of blood 

"I really hate it when I have to calm down unwelcome troublemakers. Messes the hairdo every time."

End result of the progress shown in mastodon.art/@aaribaud/1040273, itself a sequel of sorts to mastodon.art/@aaribaud/1040169

(es), , and all done in with rough background colors added in

Round 3, half , half now. I am getting the hang of .

Also, is it wrong that I like where this drawing is going?

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Tweaks in many places, I *think* this is stabilizing.

Final colouring will probably sport a few bloodstains I'm afraid.

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"I really hate that when I beat aggressors up. Messes the hairdo every time."

Stage one, approximate , done in

, , and done!

Thanks to all of you who faved/boosted, and to @fluffyfied for his advice!

Of course, the whole process made me think of "Les Passantes" (youtube.com/watch?v=vvjhsZYaof -- sorry: youtube AND French. English version here youtube.com/watch?v=3Yjd48Dv1X. (still youtube though).

Yet I'm not sad for any supposedly missed opportunities; rather, I'm happy for the memories (elusive as they are).

Cherish all your happy memories!

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done, done and fixed, now flat with to follow.

Shoes are pure invention again; at the time she'd probably gone for white canvas sneakers.

As I work on this drawing, I realize I might be conflating unrelated memories. She did wear dresses and hats, but now I am not entirely sure about that specific one any more. Does it matter much almost forty years later, though?

Still done in

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After the , the (colouring and shading to follow).

(followup from sketch description)

The stance, now, is purely from imagination; while this girl was confortable with her body, she did not make a habit of showing off in any way. Mind you, her casualness actually had more impact than showing off would have had, at least as far as I was concerned.

As usual, done in

Oh, and of course.

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Hadn't tried my hand at full figure drawing for ages... So, phase 1: . Line art, colouring, and shading to follow.

This is based on an old but vivid memory of a girl who'd come to high school in a striped blue and white dress (which at the time was quite uncommon) and yes, wearing an assorted hat (which no other girls ever did). I found her beautiful but as she was one year older than I was, I never dared tell her.

As usual, done in

Sometime you just catch a look for a split second, yet it burns into your memory because it says so much more than words...

, , and slight done in

"Fevers come in all sorts"

Image marked 'sensitive content' as some viewers might find it lewd.
, and in

Moderate gore / horror; also lame humour 

The idea had seeded in my mind, so I had to weed it out onto (virtual) paper....

, and (light) on

Lettering in

Apologies in advance.

Trying to a recognizable likeness of Travis Willingham while watching campaign 2 episode 5.

done with (and a broken stylus tip)

I'll soon be off to hit people with a bit of steel, so I guess that's the right time to toot yet another girl with a sword...

Unprocessed scan of a graphite with pencil , on, yes, a very French Seyès-ruled school notebook page.

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