10/ Bibliothèque de l'Entre-Monde

"Ah... Y a-t-il une carte de cette bibliothèque ?'
"Oh ? Bien, alo-- Ah. Bien sûr. La carte est quelque part *dans* cette bibliothèque, hein ?"

(OK, j'ai triché par prescience en répondant ainsi sur le thème "Library" d'un de 2019 : mastodon.art/@aaribaud/1020675)

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10/ Interworld library

"- Ah... Is there a map of this library?
- Yes.
- Oh? Good, th--ah. Of course... that map is somewhere *in* this library, right?
- Right."

(OK, I cheated, by presciently responding thusly to a 2019 topic of "library": mastodon.art/@aaribaud/1020675)

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Hello all,

As today was a holiday, I foolishly figured I could leisurely collect my submissions and publish them on my website.

Right now I've only gone as far as September 2018.

They can be seen (unless I screwed up) at albert.aribaud.net/en/category

Feel free to peruse the rest of the site (and, if you can read French, the few French-only stories I've put up there too)

day 3

Reference: i.pinimg.com/564x/ed/42/dd/ed4

Done in , again using only "pastel" brushes and a couple colors.

Timelapse says 1m33 again but I suspect it's buggy because I know it took me ~ 7min

Eye contact 

day 2

Reference: i.pinimg.com/564x/01/1c/7a/011

Done in , though this time I tried using only "pastel" brushes and a couple colors, rather than a single monochrome "brush" brush.

Timelapse says 1m33 so 3m50 real time.

This too was published on my .social account (on April 2017) but not here on .art.

It was an attempt at perspective -- which I could have used for day 16 if I'd only thought of it at the time...

And yes, I know, girls with swords, what can I say.


Missed the end of the so I guess I'll complete it in the coming days...

day 20 - NOISY

Maybe now you will start believing that size does not matter as much as you think.

Sketched in

day 18 - STAMINA

This doesn't look like it, but this is an exercise which requires stamina, especially past the first seven hours.

(last stage of an rework based on an actual on paper drawing of which I posted previous stages here already, but hey, I didn't have the... stamina... to do a full new illustration )

day 17 - DEPTH

First you worry that this hole might be too deep to climb back. Then you worry that it might be too deep to even stand back up after the fall. And eventually, you worry that it might be infinitely deep, and you didn't pack any food.

Side eye contact, demonic appearance 


The perspective of meeting the Devil is not one to entertain lightly; he might actually notice you down there.

Drawn in in October 2018 as a perparatory work for a costumed Hallowe'en movie night, where I was indeed the Devil, and my daughter held the role of the Devil's secretary, handing out Soul sale forms to other attendees.

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