September is coming, and @k_tastrof has published the list for this month! In French ( as in English, the theme is: cinema. Action!



"Alright, you got first blood. My turn now. I'll take last drop."

(warning: illustration contain some amout of graphic violence)

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"Entendu. Vous avez choisi le premier sang; à mon tour : je choisis la dernière goutte."

(attention : illustrations présentant un certain degré de violence)

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Violence depiction 

Thinking of again, so I fired up and worked on a pose. This will be Sister Seraphine preventing an unwelcome visitor from disturbing her headmistress.

Cropped it a little bit to remove the fence and give some more focus to the Pavilion dome.

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Sometimes I take a I'm not too ashamed of.

(apologies for the bad quality, partly dus to the compression the photo file went through)

🇬🇧 Hey, look what was in the mail today!

A Guy Boothby collection, two of which I made!

They're 19th century / stories.

Happy to hold these in my own hands!

(also: beware of mummies)

🇫🇷 Hé, regardez ce que j'ai reçu aujourd'hui !

"UN PROFESSEUR D'ÉGYPTOLOGIE" est un recueil de textes de Guy Boothby traduites de l'anglais par Martine Blond, Richard D. Nolane et, pour deux d'entre elles, votre serviteur.

C'est de la / de fin 19° siècle.

Content de le tenir entre mes mains !

(et méfiez-vous des momies)

Also dug up this of a Girl, a Darian from a friend's RPG, Continuum Time Shadows. My website also has the flashy variant.

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While doing some cleaning-up I found this which served as a base to My Girls studies ( Now I need to find the energy to turn it into a full-fledged drawing.

Well, at least it's not *litterally* a case of .

After looking around a bit, a first draft of my future . Much to fix as this is a rough just to get thjngs rolling, and I haven't drawn for months. Also, got to think up a punny greek name.


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Quick hi and thanks to @BrunoBellamy for the two prints and one sketch received today!

This afternoon I was Natacha "Nat" Gray, fresh(wo)man Lancer.

She calls her Mech "my Mini" and has it painted pink just to annoy people.

Most of the time she is a friendly, smiling person, except when someone tries to kill her or worse, to kill a person close to her, in which case she'll rip that someone apart.

Heard about the tool which is supposed to reconstruct faces from very low-res images. Figured I'd try it on one of my drawings... Here is the input image, and the PULSE results. They can downscale it. They can rebuilt it. They have the technology -- and a 'massive error' rate of one out of five. :)

I don't have any of the, er, art I did while in high school, so I went and looked at what would be closest.

This was published in 1988 in my engineering school's journal.

Back then there was a campaign to have car drivers limit themselves to 90 km/h and show it by tying a white flag to their car antenna or something, so I drew Death pledging 'no more that 90K deads/hour'.

I may have done this with a rotring.

That was waaaay before I ever learned about Pratchett, BTW

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