Eye contact, also off-shoulder and low cut dress 

Been doing some serious, even grave, digging

Here's Ben. He's an old spaceship pilot. Shows on his face, because there's only so much radiation a cockpit window can block. Plus smoking has been out for decades now; it's anybody's guess where he still finds these.

(15 to 20 years old incomplete rough with some (not so) soft colors, scanned as-is )

Speaking of girls with swords, and while I am at it, here is another .social post from late april 2017, a few days before I got this .art account.

"I'm not down yet!"

partly colored with Soft from a reference photograph.

This too was published on my .social account (on April 2017) but not here on .art.

It was an attempt at perspective -- which I could have used for day 16 if I'd only thought of it at the time...

And yes, I know, girls with swords, what can I say.


"Dear, don't go into the woods again yet. They say there's still a few wolves there." "Precisely."

(I had posted that long ago on my .social account but not here I believe.)

day 20 - NOISY

Maybe now you will start believing that size does not matter as much as you think.

Sketched in

day 18 - STAMINA

This doesn't look like it, but this is an exercise which requires stamina, especially past the first seven hours.

(last stage of an rework based on an actual on paper drawing of which I posted previous stages here already, but hey, I didn't have the... stamina... to do a full new illustration )

day 17 - DEPTH

First you worry that this hole might be too deep to climb back. Then you worry that it might be too deep to even stand back up after the fall. And eventually, you worry that it might be infinitely deep, and you didn't pack any food.

Side eye contact, demonic appearance 

day 15 - FAKE

"So you're saying that actually each one was found by a different knight."
"Yes, sire."
"All with the... straw... stuck."
"Um, yes, sire."
"But there"s only one Grail, so the others have to be fakes."
"One must suppose so, sire."
"... I stand by my opinion so far. Let's pretend we never found any."

Obviously made with , a followup to mastodon.art/@aaribaud/1025823

day 13 - ROAD

Sometimes, the most important thing is indeed not the destination but the journey.

Drawn in


I know I'd already posted this one recently outside of the challenge, but I am too tired to do a new one. :)

day 10 - RELIEF

"Up until this point, Atlas had been feeling relieved."

Hastily done in

Violence, some blood 

day 8 - STUCK

KING ARTHUR: "So you guys actually found the Grail..."
SIR BEDEVERE: "Yes, my liege. On the beach of Porthcurno."
KING ARTHUR: "Right. And it has this green... thing, which is..."
SIR BEDEVERE: "... Stuck, sire, indeed, not unlike Excalibur, except here even you cannot--"
KING ARTHUR, pinching the bridge of his nose: "Tell you what, we'll say we never found it. Ever."

, and in in about 30 minutes.

day 7 - HOLIDAY

"I mean, I get your whole 'trying to keep that castle in the sky was exhausting and I deserve a holiday' thing, but... A cocktail? In the GRAIL? For... Chrissake."

and colours done in in about half an hour

I finally took some time to clean this up and colour it in . No shadows yet.

day 6 - CASTLE

"Nah... Building castles in the sky is easy, in fact. What's tricky is keeping them up there."

and colors in

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