Moderate gore / horror; also lame humour 

Trying to a recognizable likeness of Travis Willingham while watching campaign 2 episode 5.

done with (and a broken stylus tip)

"Am I a succubus? Yes. Do we succubi lay with mortal men for their immortal souls? Yes. Did you succeed in summoning me? Yes. Does this mean you get to lay with me? No way in Hell. We succubi have standards."

day 3


Done in , again using only "pastel" brushes and a couple colors.

Timelapse says 1m33 again but I suspect it's buggy because I know it took me ~ 7min

Eye contact 

2019 topic 1 - RING

Nothing fancy, barely a sketch, but I did it and in time !

I'll soon be off to hit people with a bit of steel, so I guess that's the right time to toot yet another girl with a sword...

Unprocessed scan of a graphite with pencil , on, yes, a very French Seyès-ruled school notebook page.

Eye contact, also off-shoulder and low cut dress 

Been doing some serious, even grave, digging

Here's Ben. He's an old spaceship pilot. Shows on his face, because there's only so much radiation a cockpit window can block. Plus smoking has been out for decades now; it's anybody's guess where he still finds these.

(15 to 20 years old incomplete rough with some (not so) soft colors, scanned as-is )

Speaking of girls with swords, and while I am at it, here is another .social post from late april 2017, a few days before I got this .art account.

"I'm not down yet!"

partly colored with Soft from a reference photograph.

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