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Albert ARIBAUD ✎

Happy birthday to the most enthusiastic drummer that side of the pond! Read the story here:

I think I might do a casual wear theme or something. So here are a few quick sketches!

Yo! I did the lineart for this one, and started colouring, but wasn't having any joy as my brain is too busy with other stuff. So I stopped.

But I don't like waste, SO: I've posted high-res files of the lineart (JPG, PSD and PNG, latter 2 have clear background) for :cc_cc: :cc_nc_us: download -

Color away, if ye like it, & let me know how it goes 😁Plz boost if you think any friends might like to try!

Played around in CSP again. Tried out that 3D feature this time. I may start to like drawing bgs :3

Thank you for all the faves and bumps on my first post. Here's another drawing I made recently. The theme was "wind".

Oh hi, I'm new around here. I draw stuff. Especially people because clothes are too mainstream.

WIP. I am aware that pose ain't possible. I tried replicating in front of a mirror but it look cool, yah?😂 Also, I gotta fix the non-sword arm (closer to the body and sort of wraps around) and fix the hips/legs.

so I was doing little environment studies because I feel like I forgot how to tree and then mushrooms happened

Last try with and . For this one, I'm happy wth the general pose and how the free hand looks. I don't linke how she holds the rapier, though; too hard, not fluid -- but that I can change in .

Now on to testing Manuel Bastioni Lab.


...ish. I mean, it's "done" in the sense that it's all coloured in and shaded, but "ish" in the sense that there's a bucketload of lil whoopsies and things I really should fix but oh well it's 3am and my eyes feel mushy.

So... it's done.