#DailySketchChallenge I feel my stamina depleting.. not many days left, I can go through with this.
This is very last but I had to draw something.

#DailySketchChallenge #MastoArt
Gotta have a good one if you wanna crawl dungeons days & nights, kick doors and stuff, etc....

day 18 - STAMINA

This doesn't look like it, but this is an exercise which requires stamina, especially past the first seven hours.

(last stage of an rework based on an actual on paper drawing of which I posted previous stages here already, but hey, I didn't have the... stamina... to do a full new illustration )

#bellaminette (et donc ex-libris, #aquarelle, etc) d’août (et donc pour les tipeuses et tipeurs d’août) in progress : première ébauche !
#vacances #soleil #ombre #lumière #Tipeee
Vous aimez ?
Aidez : fr.tipeee.com/bruno-bellamy !

day 17 - DEPTH

First you worry that this hole might be too deep to climb back. Then you worry that it might be too deep to even stand back up after the fall. And eventually, you worry that it might be infinitely deep, and you didn't pack any food.

#DailySketchChallenge Day 16 : Perspective.
When you've grown up between the walls of normalcy, sometimes, you just need... perspective.

No PERSPECTIVE at all :).

I worked today on my map for my privat project

I never thought that self made maps would be so hard.

Side eye contact, demonic appearance 

Behold @_sharpLimefox 's prescience power: yesterday they did the PERSPECTIVE topic i planned to give today.

As i don't want to destroy the universe in a time paradox, today's topic still is PERSPECTIVE (Sorry @_sharpLimefox ;))

Have fun!

#DailySketchChallenge #MastoArt
Not sure it fits right in the topic, but well...it shows what it's supposed to show, so i'm quite satisfied (especially for a 5 minutes doodle with no ref).

One of these things ain't like the others.. Fake perspectives I tried and failed.
Just doing perspectives and scribbles but since I chose this for my #DailySketchChallenge thingy I had to shove the theme into it somehow.
(I like to just doodle geometry when I'm uninspired)

day 15 - FAKE

"So you're saying that actually each one was found by a different knight."
"Yes, sire."
"All with the... straw... stuck."
"Um, yes, sire."
"But there"s only one Grail, so the others have to be fakes."
"One must suppose so, sire."
"... I stand by my opinion so far. Let's pretend we never found any."

Obviously made with , a followup to mastodon.art/@aaribaud/1025823

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