For 12, keeping it super simple, to fit the mood.

"I once met a woman who claimed to have been a princess of another world, but came to this one out of love. And who am I to gainsay that? Who is anybody, to try?"

#inktober #MastoArt #100DaysOf #100Sketches (day 43)
No one remember where's this gate, even less what's behind; still, guards keep on duty.

Drew a Tank Girl in under 10 minutes, feel a bit better now. (Image CW'd for partial nudity)

Alright! Time to make up a bit for the lack of drawing the last few days!

This first one was actually made the 5th for the theme "Chicken" just before I got sick.

I did not follow the themes for the following ones, I mostly wanted to train drawing heads and get back into .

And last but not least, a drawing outside of themes too because I didn't really found something for "cruel".
Another fanart! Jester, the tiefling cleric.

#inktober #MastoArt
#100daysOf #100Sketches (day 39)
After much swearing & wasted paper, i finally resorted to a pencil sketch beforehand. And the result still doesn't satisfy me.
Anyway, who else can tell us about PRECIOUS than Gollum?

About a month ago I met Boell Oyino while he was doing a talk. I really loved his artworks!
You can find his art here:

Okay, so I'm going off prompt for the second catchup with , but... Hands up if you *suddenly* realised "Bosozoku Princess" is an awesome idea?

Finally, for 8, I just cut it super loose. Unlike our Functional Princess, who is prepared for any situation... Except maybe moving in all that workwear.

Quand on a chopé une saleté de rhume et qu’on se prépare un bon bouillon de légumes fait maison, c’est un vrai bonheur…
…et quand on découvre, au fond du placard, qu’on avait encore des pâtes à potage (celles avec les lettres de l’alphabet !), c’est l’extase… :) #ComfortFood

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