this is the spotted salamander, from birth they have a symbiotic algae inside their cells which makes them the only vertebrate to do photosynthesis!!! theyre neat!!!

was watching documentaries about ancien egypt yesterday evening, sooooo....#pixelart

Drew a friends DnD character last game night, a rather bossy halfling paladin dedicated to a dwarf God. (Its complicated)
#mastoart #RPG

I'm giving up on trying to replicate sinix' style in Krita, the brushes just don't do it, anyhow onto the morning practice

A quick no-reference portrait I did this morning to calm my anxiety.

I had sculpted this bust of Al waaaay back in June 2107, and while I don't think it was a super successful attempt I learned a lot and I wanna try again some day! ✨👌✨

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Litterally only after I was out from the Post Office with an unexpected registered mail did I realize I'd won the Dejah Thoris sketch !

So YES @BrunoBellamy, I'm SUPER HAPPY because I love your art and I love your sketches and thanks to you this week-end begins the best possible way! :) :) :)


C'est littéralement en sortant de la Poste avec un RAR inattendu que j'ai découvert que j'avais gagné le crayonné de Dejah Thoris !

Alors OUI @BrunoBellamy, je suis SUPER CONTENT car j'adore ton travail ET tes crayonné et grâce à toi ce WE commence au top :) :) :)

Doodeling with Procreate. Liked it, so I continued and colored it. Anatomically not correct, but I like the overall feel of it.

Finally felt like drawing something again! Didn't know what to draw but wanted to try out new watercolor paper I got a few weeks back. Inspiration for this was a photo of Cara Delevingne taken by Greg Lotus for Vogue Russia (Aug 2012).

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