Some Krita sketching #mastoart #art #krita #sketching #digitalart

crosspost from my other account because it features the best hair i've ever drawn, excited to ink this tonight

My interpretation of a classic Thing pose by Jack Kirby, rendered in Photoshop on a Cintiq Companion 2.

I kind of have no idea how I coloured this but i’m REAL into it

✨ A crop from a panel in my upcoming episode 28.

Yesterday I learned something new about boosting on #Mastodon: if you boost the first message of a thread, then it isn't necessarily true that all your followers can click on it to see the entire thread. Replies aren't fetched by remote instances. If you need the last message of a thread, then all its ancestors will get fetched by remote instances. Your followers might still not see all the threads that branched off of the original, but they will see at least the one thread.

Schoolism exercise 2 done!

This one was about greysketch colouring.

Base grayscale image by Bobby Chiu.

officially picked out my first tattoo. out of the hundreds of dragons ive drawn this is the one. lol

This is the messiest final sketch I’ve done in a while. It at least fits how the piece feels to me. And also I need to sharpen the pencils I use for sketching.

I'm following the "Digital Painting
with Bobby Chiu" class. The kickoff was about painting with values (and photoshop tricks I had to transfert to krita 🙂).

Bobby Chiu made a pencil sketch of a caricatured athlete and we had to do the B&W rendering, here is the result and steps.

Any critique is welcomed !

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