βœ¨πŸ¦‡ Live deliciously, Fly in the cold dark night with the bats! 😈 I just added this box (with the palmestry one) on the shop... Hope you will like it ☺️
Also I'm kind of heartbroken because the last season of the magicians is finished...πŸ’”If anyone have a good show involving magic and witchcraft that I haven't seen yet I' m taking it! 😌

(And the other box!)
I love creating objects that I dreamed finding in some dusty, full of spiderwebs attic of an old house when I was a child... Well, I mean, I'm still dreaming of it anyway πŸ˜…
Available on

Do you have in mind these scenes in fantastic movies when someone discover a mysterious book, or an odd-looking box? It has always inspired me when I was younger, and today I would be so pleased to work on a cinema prop, it would be so great 😭❀️You know my secret dream now 😳

@_Petrichor_ That's a fun and interesting motivation.

Similarly, when I make things, I can't help but imagine far into the future. Who might find them, and how. All the people along the way, that might get some joy from them.

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