If you're looking for a cute present for someone who love stationery and witchy things, I just finished to work on a sweet goth letter set! 😊 And by the same occasion, it's also a nice way to support an artist and her very small business! You can find more here: etsy.com/shop/xxPETRICHORxx

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I finished this little illustration this afternoon! For my upcoming illustrated stationery set 🐱

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I have worked on a sort of goth, sort of cute stationery set lately! ☺️ Since I love writing beautiful letters to my sibling, but also have a thing for mischievous evil cherub and crescent moons, it was time for me to design something of my own! 🖤🦇 Here are the postcards and letter seal stickers I have made for the occasion! Hope you will like it!
😊 I will make an update on my shop in the next few days, as soon as my writing paper will be printed 😉

I'm organizing a sale on my etsy page! If you love things, are sort of a goth granny, my work may interest you! 🤓🕸️

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Et c’était donc ça la grosse surprise qu’on avait dans les cartons ^o^. J’espère que ça vous plaît.

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J'ai eut le plaisir de réaliser l'illustration de l'instance Eldrith café. Merci @Sylvhem et @milia de m'avoir fait confiance ♥ Petit post de blog avec quelques commentaires et work in progress sur cette illustration dansmonnid.art.blog/2018/08/01 #Art #Mastoart

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Drawing for the latest Hopeless, Vendetta (which you can read here if you are so moved) wp.me/pzmwa-dN

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Just finished this custom hand painted silk scarf. It's for a lady whose mom loved hummingbirds and spirals. She was so sweet.

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Hot Allostatic Load – The New Inquiry

> This is about disposability from a trans feminine perspective, through the lens of an artistic career. It’s about being human trash.
> This is in defense of the hyper-marginalized among the marginalized, the Omelas kids, the marked for death, those who came looking for safety and found something worse than anything they’d experienced before.
> For years, queer/trans/feminist scenes have been processing an influx of trans fems, often impoverished, disabled, and/or from traumatic backgrounds. These scenes have been abusing them, using them as free labor, and sexually exploiting them. The leaders of these scenes exert undue influence over tastemaking, jobs, finance, access to conferences, access to spaces. If someone resists, they are disappeared, in the mundane, boring, horrible way that many trans people are susceptible to, through a trapdoor that can be activated at a…

-- thenewinquiry.com/hot-allostat

#transfeminism #shaarlien

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Petit rappel que j'organise un concours pour vous faire gagner des illustrations ici : mastodon.opportunis.me/@lila_b

Il sera clôturé le 20/05/18. Votre participation est prise en compte lorsque je 🌟 votre commentaire. :)

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Played with posca markers tonight. It’s been nice to just hang out in my sketchbook.

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Some sketchbook work from today. Just really wanted to use cobalt blue.

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[caption 1/2]

The Cure:
- Led by Robert Smith
- In the course of 15 years, they took on many genres such as post-punk, neo-psychedelia, synth pop, indie rock, and new wave
- Lyrics about romanticism and existential despair, and mystifying poetry
- Released their groundbreaking masterpiece Disintegration in 1989
- Influenced countless generations with their gloom candy flavored pieces of work
- Doesn't have Morrissey

The crowdfunding for Nimbostratus, a collection of comics about rain, have been launched! 🌧️ I have drawn the cover of this book and a short story about the lovely smell of rainy days... Hope you will like it! There will be a booklet with the English translation for non-french readers and also a lot of cool rewards. 🐸 If you want to support this project, you can go on fr.ulule.com/bd-nimbostratus! You can also share this post, it will help a lot 😉 ❤️Thank you for your support!

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I also love doing facepaint, so I just want to show you these, I love putting stars on my cheeks and nose, don't shame me, I love blue, purple and green, but mostly blue and I love dots and circles. and stars. Did I mention stars?
I love the sky.

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