This morning is packing orders time ! 🌞✨ The sun lights softly my desk, and I'm still a little dreamy from the book I read while taking my breakfast... I have the sense that today is going to be a good day, and I hope as well for you !🖤

Yesterday my illustrator crowdfunding reached the 20% budget goal ! 👏🎊 Thank you all for your support ! To celebrate this, I have decided to organize an exclusive giveaway for the participants 🖤. Every people contributing to my crowdfunding will automatically enter in a lottery to win an original customized watercolor, that they will receive in addition to their initial rewards. Isn't that great ? ☺️

You can find more info about this here:

Hi there ! 👩‍🎨
I'm launching a crowdfunding for my Illustrator activity ! If you're into fantastic, witchy, or gothic aesthetic, or if you simply love beautiful illustrations, it have been made for you ! 🦇💖 I have created à lot of cool rewards for the occasion, as notebooks, enamel pins, embroidered patchs, and even t-shirts ! ✨
Please consider to go take a look at the page and to share it with your friends... 😉 Every kind of support will be awesome 🖤

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Mermay nails I did last week. I love them and don't want to wipe them, but I do want to redo my nails for my birthday on Thursday. #nails #nailart #mermay

👩‍🎨This afternoon it's watercolor time! 💦 I have to add some more details and textures on this picture and it will be finished at least!😌 I have never been in a hot-air balloon, and knowing how anxious I am I don't think I will be very at ease to travel in one of them... But I have always find so pretty all these vintage pictures of them, and fortunately there are some adventurous mice far more daring than I am! 😅 And you, are you more the cautious or the audacious type? 🤔

I have always dreamed of owning an authentic gramophone... They look so beautiful with their horn looking like the corolla of a huge flower! They have this charm specific to old objects, as they were haunted by the years passing slowly while they stay still... I love so much things about them, so it was only a matter of time for me until I decide to paint one for a watercolor. I wanted it to have this romantic aspect that they evoke me, so I hope that you will feel that too seing this picture! 🖤

If you're looking for a cute present for someone who love stationery and witchy things, I just finished to work on a sweet goth letter set! 😊 And by the same occasion, it's also a nice way to support an artist and her very small business! You can find more here:

I finished this little illustration this afternoon! For my upcoming illustrated stationery set 🐱

Naked witch 

I have worked on a sort of goth, sort of cute stationery set lately! ☺️ Since I love writing beautiful letters to my sibling, but also have a thing for mischievous evil cherub and crescent moons, it was time for me to design something of my own! 🖤🦇 Here are the postcards and letter seal stickers I have made for the occasion! Hope you will like it!
😊 I will make an update on my shop in the next few days, as soon as my writing paper will be printed 😉

I'm organizing a sale on my etsy page! If you love things, are sort of a goth granny, my work may interest you! 🤓🕸️

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Et c’était donc ça la grosse surprise qu’on avait dans les cartons ^o^. J’espère que ça vous plaît.

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J'ai eut le plaisir de réaliser l'illustration de l'instance Eldrith café. Merci @Sylvhem et @milia de m'avoir fait confiance ♥ Petit post de blog avec quelques commentaires et work in progress sur cette illustration #Art #Mastoart

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Drawing for the latest Hopeless, Vendetta (which you can read here if you are so moved)

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Just finished this custom hand painted silk scarf. It's for a lady whose mom loved hummingbirds and spirals. She was so sweet.

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Petit rappel que j'organise un concours pour vous faire gagner des illustrations ici :

Il sera clôturé le 20/05/18. Votre participation est prise en compte lorsque je 🌟 votre commentaire. :)

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Played with posca markers tonight. It’s been nice to just hang out in my sketchbook.

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