guess who started listening to NeoScum (and is already 40 episodes in) here's some POX

was never a huge fan of Samus's Power Suit (no giant spherical pauldrons) but tried my hand at it with the hopes to do some more of her suits in the future

Did some work for a friend and his leatherworking business, give him a follow and get some custom work done!

An old DM portrait commission that I forgot to post!

sketch commission of an origami making turtle! I actually really like this idea so it's probably going to sit in my brain for a while until I paint it in the future

Some more commission work! Don't ever give me an inch or I'll probably try to convince you to include a comfy fantasy market background. (and it's always worth it)

There's been some deeeeep rumblings in this house about potentially playing a Dark Heresy campaign and I very much want to try my hand at some Techpriests

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