A commission of a character I've done a few times in the past, who has now suddenly become a Drow!

"Keep precious things inside you or you will lose them"

Angel's Egg is one of my favorite animated movies, it is a beautiful living painting and haunting visual poetry.

(please open bc crop)

haha you thought we were done with Eva posts, and we are (maybe), just after this Asuka commission

I did a handful of these in-depth studies a few months ago trying to understand how shape, color, composition, values and line work together rather than just doing a quick 1:1 study and they were incredibly beneficial, definitely going to try to do more in the future

Finally finished the Stolen Century as the last Adventure Zone illustration! (please open because crop)

These are the thumbnails for the the Five Torches Deep illustrations, I only this year or so started regularly incorporating thumbnails into my process and i am truly a fool for not doing so sooner 1/3

Page one spread for Five torches Deep, I really enjoyed doing all the pieces with larger parties, the characters were a lot of the fun of the project!

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