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Hi Mastodon!

I'm Meagan, an artist, illustrator, and game dev. Here are some places you can find my stuff!
(CW for nudity)

Portfolio: meagantrott.com
Itch: meagantrott.itch.io
Shop: redbubble.com/people/meagantrott/shop

All Uruk-Hai are my large and powerful sons and I will kiss them all on the forehead individually as they are born out of their weird mud eggs

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hey guys! i'm new here and still figuring out stuff, thought i could start off with an introduction post with a bunch of my pictures
i'm mainly a digital artist who hasn't drawn anything original in ages haha

shoutout to @basicbishoujo for sending me an invite!

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A Spooky Season trade with a friend. High quality costume? Transformation spell? Alternate universe? You decide. Shae'dhan as a Fal'dorei! (BG is an edited screenshot)

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I sketched a few others that maybe I'll do something with in a month or so

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Murder on the Rockport Limited, gonna try doing a few more of these for each of the arcs as I go through, kinda disappointed with how this one turned out but whateverrrrrrr

aggressively enjoying the catalog of national costumes from the Mister Global 2019 shows and making them into my warm ups, doing Sri Lanka first

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Day 1 - RING

Is it a tiny dragon who found regular-sized rings, or a regular-sized dragon who found the world's biggest rings? You decide!

(please excuse the photo quality, I don't have a scanner)

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