Had the chance to do some episode art for A Ninth World Journal, a Numenera podcast. I'm not super confident with a lot of my landscapes, but I really liked how this turned out! Go listen, go support their Patreon!

"Well I may be the Architect of Suffering, but maybe I'm more than my job, ya know...M-maybe I'm a tender and passionate lover! But nobody ever asks about that...pretty hard to talk with all the screaming, I guess."

Did some stuff!
twitter.com/mcapriglioneart (original artist's profile)

in lieu of a new Graduation episode, have some Fitzroy. Yes, he's absolutely a himbo, no I will not be taking questions, thank you.

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Day 1 for my 👥 not sure I'll be able to do every day consecutively, but I'll try my best to do all 50 :')

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I just recovered a bunch of lost coral, seastar, and seaslug sprites. I don't know if I even uploaded them anywhere before so I'll update soon!

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