Inktober day 19, Scorched. I was thinking drought, dried up ground, dust in the air and this happened. No idea where I was going with it, it just happened, anxiety attacks do weird things to my creative muse. Same pens as always.

A day late due to anxiety attacks but here is Day 18's drawing. The prompt was bottle so I did a drawing of the prop Lyrium bottle I own. As with all the drawings this Inktober drawn with Derwent Graphik Line Makers and Paperchase own brand brush pens.

Inktober day 17, Swollen. Swollen left me stumped for ideas for a while, however a trip out into the garden and seeing the remains of the day lilly and iris seed pods made me think of swollen seed pods, so here we are day lilly seed pods. As ever drawn with Derwent Graphik Line Makers and Paperchase own brand brush pens.

Day 16, prompt was angular. Do not like this drawing at all, but here it is anyway.

Inktober, Day 15 is Weak. First explanation I'm ill and feel weak Second explanation El-Shaddai: Ascension of The Metatron is one of the few games where at times I felt weak and powerless in some of the fights and that is what I've inked here, Enoch standing on a cliff edge. I hope I have captured the dreamlike feeling of the game. As always Derwent Graphik Line Makers & water pens, Paperchase brush pens and.

Almost done on playing catch up on Inktober. Day 14's prompt was clock, so I picked the thing that plagues my front garden every spring and summer. A dandelion clock. Derwent Graphik Line Makers and Derwent water brush pen used for this drawing.

Continuing to play catch up on Inktober. Day 13's prompt was guarded. This Apple is guarded by a tiny snake. As always Paperchase's own brand brush pens and Derwent Graphik Line Makers.

Inktober day 12, and still playing catch up. The prompt was Whale, so have the constellation Cetus The Whale. Just like with the inking for Star sea salt was thrown over wet ink and the once it was dry the salt was brushed off stars and the stars and lines drawn in. As ever Paperchase own brand brush pens and Derwent Graphik Line Makers & Line Painters

Okay so I am a few days behind on Inktober on account of a work organised three day holiday in France. Here is day 11's quick sketch for the prompt Cruel. Instead of inking out a killing jar used in insect collection I inked out a glass bottle. A cruel way to go for the unfortunate trapped fairy.

I should not be allowed to draw when exhausted and decaffeinated. The prompt for day 10 was flowing so I had this idea of words and wyrd and how what we say, do and write affects us. It did not manifest on the page, I don't even know what this is supposed to be. It just happened 🤣

Should have posted this last night but forgot. Day 9 of Inktober with the prompt, precious. Okay so amethyst is considered a semi precious rather than precious stone but oh well, geodes are fun to draw.

Day 8, with the prompt being star. I didn't really think this one through it inked itself really. I laid down the background with the brush pens, diluted the ink out with water and a wash brush and threw sea salt over it. Once the ink dried I dusted the salt off and drew in the large star and dropped in the smaller ones.

Drawn using Paperchase's own brand brush pens, water, sea salt and Derwent Line Painters

Day 7, and the prompt for the day is exhaustion. On my play throughs of Dragon Age Inquisition I like to think there are times my Inquisitor Lavellan falls asleep at the war table while reading through requests and reports. As with other drawings for this Inktober I used Derwent Graphik Line Makers and Paperchase own brand brush pens.

Day six of Inktober and this is a speed draw because gods I feel like crap this evening. Yay for allergic reactions. The prompt was drooling so the obvious choice to me (and the suggestion of a friend) you have a speed draw of a drooling Mabari Hound. Yes I called my hound Mabari Barkspawn.

Day 5 and the prompt was Chicken, so I drew my friend @tori.yummai As per usual drawn with Derwent Graphik Line Makers and Paperchase own brand brush pens

Day 4, and today's prompt is spell. I hate drawing hands, the only way I am going to get better at them is by drawing more of them couple that with my love of a little fantasy flair and you have today's drawing. Drawn with Derwent Graphik Line Makers and Paperchase own brand brush pens.

Inktober number 3, Roasted. It was supposed to be a dish of roasted chestnuts it went a bit weird. Drawn with Derwent Graphik Line Makers and Paperchase own brand brush pens.

Day 2 and today's prompt is Tranquil. A friend of mine made a passing comment and being the Anders fan boy I am. I jumped straight back on that feels train, drawing Anders and a Tranquil Karl. As with yesterday's work it is drawn with Derwent Graphik Line Makers and Paperchase's Own brand brush pens.

1st of October so that means a whole new Inktober challenge. Day 1's prompt is poisonous so how better to start this autumnal challenge than with fly agaric toadstools? Drawn with Derwent Graphik Line Makers and Paperchase brush pens

Painting number 31, the last painting for MerMay. I've ended this with a mermaid's purse. This year's MerMay has come to an end but with it's close the seeds for next year's are sown. Come May 2019, the cycle will start again and hopefully with more and more artists taking up the challenge.

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