The most recent canvas retreived from the garden shed. It's the first painting I've been able to retrieve for a while because I am back at work. It took longer to dry than most because of the layering of the paint and slow, slight tilting it as each layer dried to get the swirling flow effect from the paint.

I was going to post these one by one as I finished them, but I completely forgot. This is post 1 of 3 of the series of zodiac constellation watercolour paintings I was doing. I am still debating if I get prints of these made and put up for sale on Etsy when I have a few more more pennies to spare.

Last of the Inktober drawings. Number 31, Slice. Don't know what I was doing with this to be honest. The fact I had Ruroni Kenshin playing on the TV in the background might have had something to do with the subject matter though. Brush pens only this time for the drawing and the Derwent pens for the writing.

Still catching up on the last few Inktober drawings. Day 30 was Jolt so here we have a snoozing Jolteon. Jolteons are one of my favourite pokemons. Same pens as ever Derwent Graphik Line Makers and Paperchase own brand brush pens.

Inktober catch up continues with 29, Double. There is a Chinese lantern tree down my road and for weeks there was just two lanterns left on it. They came down with last night's heavy rain (yay for photo references). Here you have it two Chinese hanging from branches. Just the brush pens used this time on damp paper.

Still catching up, Inktober 28, Gift. Now this one left me uninspired in terms of a prompt so a little lateral thinking was involved. I inked one of my rune stones. I have a set made from amethyst with the runes carved into the tumbled stone surface. This rune stone is Gebo, which means Gift. The usual pens were used.

Inktober 27, Thunder. Ever heard the thundering roar of a waterfall? Sounds like thunder from a distance. Yep still playing catch up and still the same pens.

Running late because I had a mental health meltdown. Day 26 of Inktober, prompt was stretch. Have a stretching cat. Still using the Derwent Graphik Line Makers and Paperchase own brand brush pens.

Day 25 with the prompt Prickly. Now why a cat, I hear you ask. Well this cat us not just any cat, this is Prickles The Cattus (cat cactus) and he belongs to the youtube artist Sophie Lou ( I hope I have done the prickly ball of feline fun justice, I couldn't resist drawing him. Drawn with Derwent Graphik Line Makers and Paperchase own brand brush pens as per usual.

Inktober day 24, Chop. Eeeh so it's more a cut than a chop. The faint mirror image is as a result of me stressing out, hating what I had drawn and folding the page in half to hide it while it was still wet. It improved it so I kept it. So image was inked using a water washed page and two of my usual brush pens.

Inktober day 23. The prompt was Muddy. I tried to do a simple line drawing because I am so damned tired this evening. I spent more time staring at a muddy Smudge sleeping on my bed and the blank sketchbook page than drawing it. I have also discovered that synthetic fibre brush pens do not like being manipulated like a natural fibre brush used in sumi-e paintings. As a result this ink drawing looks harsher in it's lines than intended.

Day 22 of Inktober and the prompt for the day is expensive. Tricky prompt to work with, I eventually settled on inking a Tahitian black pearl. I love them and think they are beautiful, I would love to own one of the blue-green tone ones, perhaps on a black silk or leather strand necklace but they are far too expensive for me to ever purchase one. Same pens as before.

Posted a day late because I forgot to post it up yesterday. Day 21, drain, I drew one of those storm drains that flows directly onto the beach. I remember playing around one when my family went to the channel islands when I was young. I can't remember which of the channel islands it was mind you, and as I was so tried last night I went for bold simple forms over detail. Same pens as always.

Inktober Day 20, Breakable. A heart (with a weird and accidental elongated, faded skull effect going on where the ink isn't drying evenly) because everyone's heart is breakable in one way or another. Same base pens as the last 19 drawings.

Inktober day 19, Scorched. I was thinking drought, dried up ground, dust in the air and this happened. No idea where I was going with it, it just happened, anxiety attacks do weird things to my creative muse. Same pens as always.

A day late due to anxiety attacks but here is Day 18's drawing. The prompt was bottle so I did a drawing of the prop Lyrium bottle I own. As with all the drawings this Inktober drawn with Derwent Graphik Line Makers and Paperchase own brand brush pens.

Inktober day 17, Swollen. Swollen left me stumped for ideas for a while, however a trip out into the garden and seeing the remains of the day lilly and iris seed pods made me think of swollen seed pods, so here we are day lilly seed pods. As ever drawn with Derwent Graphik Line Makers and Paperchase own brand brush pens.

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