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I’m too fond of the stars to be scared of the dark
They fill up the void with glimmer and sparks
Don’t be afraid, just glance up
You’ll find nothing more than feelings and light✨ #mastoart #poetry

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This book on the history of #science, recommended by Andrew Zonneveld in our newest #podcast episode, is an awesome read. Highly recommended. Co-signed. This book is so so great. Every chapter hits. Shaping up to be one of my favorite books.

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Hi 🌟 !
I'm Coliandre, a belgian artist and illustrator living in France.
I paint Fantasy and Faery stuff.

I've worked on many fields: comics books (Alice in wonderland, Soufflevent), children books, boardgames (like Mysterium, Dixit, Abyss), novel covers.

I also have my little worlds, such as "The Little Witches" or the "Dracofungus".

#introduction #art #mastoart #illustration

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My name is Laura, and I am a digital artist from Spain ❤️.
I like to paint illustrations and portraits. Mostly fantasy, though I like mythology and horror themes as well 😊

hey there, another 🙃 Wanna get into digital drawing, so i downloaded procreate yesterday. Here is the result :)
Besides that i enjoy watching movies/series and love to play ACNH.


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