Considering that she is a chameleon I am not sure whether she is cute or hungry. One way or another... E X C I T E M E N T

Here's some drawings I made for Snakes with Hats Community group on Facebook!
Two of these snakes belong to users of the group Smiling face with 3 hearts

One of my old OCs as a carpet vendor. He used to be a great warrior, but now he will sell you a rug, life is wild.

My OC - Luciferimus, also known as Immy, Ferimus or Ferimy (because he's so great at sticking to one name) was home alone and decided to entertain himself with some educational videos, but unfortunately his girlfriend returned home earlier.

I wanted to continue drawing episode 10 of my webcomic - Working Around, but when I opened the file I was struck by the overwhelming progress I made there

I drew my OC -Ramisallia in this shirt I found on Pinterest. I had to match a skirt and accessories myself and it was super fun.

My OCs - Rallosameer and Anshrilda on a date. :tialove:
The background turned out to be more speedpaint-y than I thought, but I love it.

doctors hate him. one simple trick for more lifelike expressions

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