Patreon changes, video by
Jason Brubaker:

Ehhh I'm still not comfortable opening my Patreon in the future. I mean Librepay or Gumroad seems okay ... good luck giving thank-yous/shoutouts/credits though.

PSO fanart collection and thoughts part2 

Nowadays, if I ever want to make fanart of something, it seriously has to be something that I really love, regardless of it’s status. PSO series has always been something I love playing as much I love making fanart of it. Even though, it’s only entertaining less than 50 or so people who would view it. I guess that can give you the idea that I make art for myself and not for others. No influence, all freedom.

Phantasy Star Online fanart collection and thoughts 


Despite how I’d love to slap some CC license on some of those works, it doesn’t feel right. Making fan-art has been issue upon myself because I used to believe that it is a waste of time, especially if it’s copyrighted work. Which is why I take so much pride when I make fanart of something that is free culture related (ex:Pepper&Carrot.)

So I can still make imgur albums somehow, it just more additional steps. Just for that, I'll show more recent sketches from this year:
All sketches are under :cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa: CC BY-SA 4.0
Will post more sketches from last year soon.

About imgur's deprecated album feature
So what I like to do is create multiple sketches and dump them all in an album, rather than spamming all the images in someone's discord channel.

But ... imgur removed that feature now so I'll have to jump into mediagoblin or something similar. It's a shame because I like using imgur but now I can only use it for dumb memes. My original works will go somewhere else.

Anyway, I'll share my old albums here per day or maybe all at once.

Alright, it's done:

Kept getting 400 error so I had to repair the pdf. Either way I hope many will take a look at this interesting dead

Thank you @davidrevoy
@Nomys_Tempar @he_xie

About dead creative commons webcomic series. Pt.3 

Many things come to mind about this CC webcomic.

Creative difference? Lack of motivation? Budget? Low audience count?

Part of me worries if it has to do with the CC license but maybe not.

So my question to you is this. I have the Vol. 1 pdf, should I upload this to I mean the book is under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported.

About dead creative commons webcomic series. Pt.2 

While the website turned into parked domain template I rushed to their Gumroad page and made sure I purchased the first volume pdf. Give a week later, they made that unavailable to buy.

Later the site would turn into some generic let's play page of a youngster showing off it's Minecraft stuff then ... well, take a look yourself.

Mind you this is a collab project, one writer and one artist. Michael Peterson and Kevin Czapiewski respectively.

About dead creative commons webcomic series. 

I know. Har-har. Sounds like Yalyn's webcomic series is about to die.

Well no. It about something else.

Around 2014 CreativeCommons would have it's own tumblr page showcasing something CC related each day. One of them happens to be a webcomic series that I've never heard of.

While it was interesting. I wanted to catch up but ... I was too late. Even after it was showcased, it never updated for months. So ... what happened?

By Ton Roosendaal
"This is what I see on our own @YouTube channel. What the heck! Investigating it..."

Thought I share this silliness on Mastodon. It shows how dumb YouTube can be. Hope this can be resolved quick. I occasionally like re-watching Agent 327 video.

Trying to setup after moving. Shared this setup ages ago in G+ so I thought I share this to you guys. If you are curious, the arm is called EverywhereFocus and the webcam is Logitech Webcam c920. Problem that I deal with is that if there is too much light, the webcam will fuzz out by putting grey bars filter. So I encourage getting the newer webcam. Or use some smartphone.

Non-art talk. Topic: Removeable battery smartphones. 

It's really odd. After using the wonderful ZenfoneLazer2 for more than 2 years ... I want to upgrade to something that has more in line to stock Android. Only then the closest thing I can get is Moto G5, non-plus. Newer version has non-removable battery. Specs ain't great. Never used LG phones but LG V20 looks promising. Might even downgrade to Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Least I can doodle on that.

It's sad we at the age of non-removable batteries

Webcomic #76: Movie?
:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa: (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Finally after a year of hiatus. Here is a new webcomic. Please note I'll be moving, so 5+ hour long drive will happen soon.
Also this webcomic is the first to be digitally inked. No more hurting my hands with tech pens.

Very long blog post.
In regards to my webcomics:
New webcomic will be done soon. Needs coloring and text and thats it. Thank you.

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