Hi! Here is another Yuuki Character! his name is Kazuki,
he searching for new humans to invite them to his shrine, I like trying new things with the cards, this one was a fun one

Is it just me or pictures are not loading since yesterday? I cant see nothing

Special Guest! I got lots of Special Guests and I love them! This one is called Mason he is from _pancake5_ on instagram, he likes to write, very concentrated on it

I wanna share some Winter fan art friends did to me, cos I love em all! Thanks to yuukiboi, _.m0cha_tea._ and _pancake5_ all on Instagram! THANKYOUSOMUCH! I always get so happy when I get these drawings and doodles!

Today we got ANOTHER Special guest! my partner in crime! Yuuki! Yuuki has helped me with so many things, like animations and illustrations, and my orthography, Yuuki always there for me, and here is their amazing Character!

I just had some time to do another OC card! I forgot that they take their sweet time to make, maybe I should not post two of them per day asgfuasgf I am gonna ran out

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Here is the one and only Xiovi! This lil dood has been with me since I started my artist journey, we have had an incredible run thus far and we ain't stopin, he very important character to me very dear to me

I Kinda wanna do a 100 Followers special card where I Raffle one piece of art to one of my followers! that sounds fun

HI! Today we have another special guest! He is called Wolfie, he owns a Cafe, the original character is from "_.m0cha_tea._" on instagram. Love the character, great addition to the colection!

Here is a lil old yawn of my boi Sorock that I never finished, I still like the movement, I think he looks cute in this one!

Is weird to actually be active on an app like this one, I always watend to try it, and now I am, is my time!

Flashback to a couple of weeks ago when a group of friends helped me infiltrate a lil Xiovi near GIR feet on r/place, now he is part of history

Lil doodles of some of my characters wanted to do lil cute faces for them. Their names in order are Leko, Sorock, Zivot, Xiovi, Taji, Vulqui, Effy, Sitka

I am thinking of doing a weekly art challenge with a prompt, something fun to do you know, maybe maybe

I have been working on and it has been an amazing experience, is my first job and my first time working on a game apart from game jam projects, I am very happy with the game and proud of all the effort everyone that helped make it possible
DEMO: store.steampowered.com/app/791

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