im not very satisfied with how these turned out but doodles are doodles and we must move on.

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When animating I just cannot resist to make a screenshot when a nice pose comes into view.

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I can still draw??? (I should've spent all this time on studying, but this was nicer)

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Finally mostly recovered from a fever with coughing. Hope to post some new art soon~

and now it's 2018 and since i've been so immersed in mobile games i thought why don't i make a summer Astrid.

Late 2017, I designed clothes that would capture her the feel of her earliest designs again and this was what came out then.

stream over, thanks for dropping by!!

Setting up and going live soon.

i'll be streaming in a short while, look out for it if you're interested!

I went and checked on another account that's on mastodon social. that's. peculiar.

did something delete my toot from a while ago. huh.

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