@Xernist I adore this, it looks like it could be a tapestry

@kryosleep @user44961
I am using krita for nearly all the illustrations I'm doing and which you can see here on my page. Came over from Photoshop because it was just too much and too loose in its focus for the things I wanted to do. (Digital painting and drawing)

@Xernist @user44961 old school Photoshop user here too. Krita looks great and has a bit of a Photoshop/Affinity feel. Gonna have to check it out. I mostly use Procreate on my iPad.

@FreebieBean You mean fan art? No it's made up by me, "original content" or how they call it. 😅

@Xernist No. I was being really childish and meant ‘Fart’
I shall go away and thrash myself.

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