This really does seem to make a difference to ease of reading (albeit at the expense of typographical aesthetics)

h/t @embyr

Made a drawing for my most recent DnD character, a yordle alchemist. (It's also a LoL setting, but I don't know too much about this game but Yordles are cute so i took a Yordle.)

One of my old OCs - Thornasolei the Goddess of Balance.
Yesterday I remade this outfit!

More art:

The sentence

You can’t have too many cats!

is ambiguous between two almost opposite meanings (depending on the interpretation of the modal)


‘There is no such thing as too many; it’s not possible to have too many cats’ (epistemic)


‘There is such a thing as too many; you are not allowed to have that many cats or more’ (deontic)

But clearly anyone uttering the sentence with the second interpretation is uttering a falsehood 😉

#syntax #semantics

Solidarity with all who are marching for #trans and #intersex rights in Paris today! ✊🏻

#ExisTransInter2022 :heart_eyes_cat_trans: :heart_intersex:

Looking to Follow + Lots of Hashtags 

I'd love to find some more indie game developers who are making horror games that I could follow.
Favourite for me to follow, boost to help me find more devs! Thanks!

(Screen reader warning) Lots of tags for maximum reach: #Godot #GodotEngine #HorrorGame #Indie #IndieGame #GameDev #IndieGameDev #Game

As it turns out, watercolor cats might be my true calling 🐾

Here's my baby, painted with Rebelle 5
#watercolor #art #cats #mastocats

What is a good desktop client for mastodon for Windows? And for Linux?

Morning all!

How is everyone doing today? What have you got going on?

The Spirit of Bob blesses your creative endeavours today :D :bob_ross:

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